17 coating ideas to make your walls look beautiful

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17 coating ideas to make your walls look beautiful

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
FELANITX RENOVATION: Comedores de estilo  de munarq, Rústico
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So you are in the final stages of decorating your home before you actually begin  moving your furniture in, and you’re looking for some amazing ideas to add some splendour and elegance to your walls. Continue reading this homify feature and be inspired with 17 awesome décor ideas that our interior designers have come up with to get your home looking fabulous.

1. Rustic stone

Vivienda unifamiliar en Wamba (Valladolid):  de estilo  de ADDEC arquitectos, Ecléctico
ADDEC arquitectos

Vivienda unifamiliar en Wamba (Valladolid)

ADDEC arquitectos

Stone walls offer texture and durability, and there are no rules that commit this material to only being applied to the exterior, they add a stunning element to the interior too. 

2. Antique finish

If antique design and rustic detail is what you’re after, then this elegant and polished look is an excellent idea for wall décor.

3. Marble

The Greeks and Romans considered marble to be of an exquisite value, and the colour and unique veins are sure to never go out of style either.

4. Brick

Revestimientos Rústicos: Dormitorios de estilo  de Pinturas oliváN, Rústico
Pinturas oliváN

Revestimientos Rústicos

Pinturas oliváN

Brick is used as both a decorative and constructive material, the colour is an excellent way to add an earthy tone to your home too.

Textured Brick

Ejemplo de aplicación del material: Dormitorios de estilo  de Pinturas oliváN, Rústico
Pinturas oliváN

Ejemplo de aplicación del material

Pinturas oliváN

If you like the idea of brick walls, but already have an existing wall, then consider a textured brick design using an acrylic mold as an after thought.

5. Melamine

Melamine is a fantastic way to add a modern and daring effect for that seductive, smooth texture to your bathroom.

6. Decorative stone

FELANITX RENOVATION: Comedores de estilo  de munarq, Rústico



Decorative stone comes in thin blocks that allow for easier handling and placement, the texture adds a contemporary yet rustic feeling to any room.

7. Wood

Ventanas de estilo  de homify, Asiático

Wood is fantastic for its flexibility, warmth and fresh look that is sophisticated and elegant. 

​ More wood

Painted wood is another method to decorate your walls without losing the cosiness and harmony, associated with the material.

8. Mosaic

Baños de estilo  de ShellShock Designs, Moderno
ShellShock Designs

Black Lip Mother of Pearl in Bathroom Renovation in Kentfield, California, USA

ShellShock Designs

Mosaic tiles are made from small pieces of glass and work well in wet areas such as the bathroom or kitchen. Consider mixing the colour combination for a modern and luminous, unique design.

9. Mirrors

Locales gastronómicos de estilo  de bandesign, Moderno



Decorating your walls with mirrors is a fascinating way to enhance the illumination of the space as well as allow the room to appear larger. 

​10. Three-dimensional

Panelado Facetado Curtido: Hoteles de estilo  de Cordoba CreativeHeritage, Moderno
Cordoba CreativeHeritage

Panelado Facetado Curtido

Cordoba CreativeHeritage

Opt for some 3D ceramic walls features for that textured and ever-evolving décor element in your home, especially as natural light changes the shadow throughout the day.

11. Tiles

Dormitorios de estilo  de T+E ARQUITECTOS, Minimalista Vidrio

Loft Manatí, Vista Interior.


Tiles may be the simplest choice for wall décor, but they can quickly add an interesting effect especially when paired with a stunning furniture and drapes. They are available in ceramics or porcelain and are a colourful choice for a cosy look.

Tile options

Baños de estilo  de Q2Design, Escandinavo

These are available in a variety of shapes and sizes too, adding a stunning finish to any room in your home.

12. Plaster

Pasillos y vestíbulos de estilo  de LA Hally Architect, Moderno
LA Hally Architect

House in Chandlers Ford II

LA Hally Architect

Plasterboard is one of the most common décor for walls, they are easy to apply and can be painted for a stylish look.

13. Whitewashed

Take care of your environment with this eco-friendly wall décor option and go for a simple whitewash effect with a water and lime solution.

14. Steel

Casas de estilo  de homify, Moderno

Adding steel as décor is an excellent idea especially when including some insulating materials such as polystyrene or fibreglass, add a coat of anticorrosive paint and your home will be protected from the elements too.

15. Compressed wood

This chic interior is decorated with compressed wood for a polished and casual décor that is sophisticated too.

16. Cement

Cement is a flexible material with a rough appearance that is an awesome way to decorate an industrial inspired home. It’s modern and versatile too.

17. Concrete

We’ve come to the end of this edition of homify, but we have to enjoy the sensational effect of concrete too. These slabs can be used simply horizontally or as vertical slats, paired with thick wood for an interesting effect or even some greenery for that natural décor element. Have a look at: The top 10 most popular living rooms of the year (as chosen by you!)

Vivienda Unifamiliar en Tomiño, Pontevedra (Spain): Casas de estilo  de HUGA ARQUITECTOS, Rústico

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