8 small homes that won't break your budget

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8 small homes that won't break your budget

Leigh Leigh
Garajes de estilo moderno de homify Moderno
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In large cities, we've become accustomed to living in small apartments. But have you ever considered living in a super small house?

Yes, it's not something we think about very often, but it is certainly something to consider! In fact, today we are going to dispel all of your misconceptions when it comes to small houses and make you fall in love with them.

You won't believe how gorgeous a small house can be and on a small budget too!

de homify Asiático

Do you notice the large amounts of glass windows and doors throughout the facade? They allow plenty of natural light to flow into the home, while ensuring that the interior spaces have constant access to the beautiful surrounding landscape.

Minimalist bathroom

Just like the outside of the house, the bathroom features simple and fine lines. Don't you love the minimalist look and feel?

The side wall of the bathroom is completely covered in glass, which seems like an interesting choice. However, it still offers the family privacy while allowing beautiful views of the garden. 

The mirror that runs along the one side of the room creates the impression of space, reflecting the room back on itself. Because of the views of the garden, the bathroom doesn't require too much more interior decor. Simple is oh-so-sleek!

2. Wooden house on wheels

This house is very small and the structure is quite low cost. 

What's great about this design is that if you don't like the views surrounding your home, you can just move it because it's on wheels! You can also choose your garden and the surrounds according to the mood you're in.

No matter how small, this little wooden home has everything that a small family needs and on a budget too!

A multi-functional kitchen

The kitchen of this small house was designed in a simple yet functional way. 

In addition to having all of the basic equipment, it has plenty of storage space with shelves running along the top of the wall as well as cupboard space underneath the sink.  

This is a miniature kitchen, but what else could you need?

Have a look at these 8 clever ways to improve storage in YOUR kitchen.

3. A wooden home that's sustainable too!

Garajes de estilo moderno de homify Moderno

This example of a small house, designed and built by professionals Blankstone shows how innovation goes hand in hand with a contemporary design. 

The wooden panels that cover the exterior are not only beautiful but they are designed for thermal insulation, helping to save energy.

Open plan interiors

Garajes de estilo moderno de homify Moderno

Inside this small house, a whole new world opens.

The kitchen opens up into a living room, while a mezzanine level features a sleeping area that is accessible by the savvy ladder on the side of the room. 

The home features small windows with a classic grey sofa positioned in front of them. There is also a bright yellow armchair that complements the decor and design.

4. The contemporary house

Casa2020 Jardines de estilo moderno de MapOut Moderno



This house features a contemporary design in just 50 square metres. It has two floors with a striking burgundy wine-coloured facade that packs quite a punch.

With the sloping roof and the one side of the house featuring a large glass door, this small home is not only interesting but it features a beautiful connection between the interior and exterior spaces.

A warm, wooden interior

Casa2020 Salones de estilo moderno de MapOut Moderno Madera maciza Multicolor



The interior of the house is very simple, covered completely with raw-looking wood. 

The simplicity of the interior is also evident in the fact that only the most functional of furniture exists in this space.

Have a look at how you can make your home roar with raw materials.

5. Striking contrats

Here we come across another dramatic black sloping roof, which contrasts beautifully with the white exterior wall. 

The front garden brings a little touch of the natural to this striking design.

A stylish home

The soft decor with the neutral colours makes for a very grand interior design. The softer tones and floral artwork on the walls add an elegance to the ambiance.

6. Beautiful and blue

We don't often come across colourful houses, especially wooden houses.

Although it is a bit more spacious than other examples, this house is extremely modern with a functional structure. 

7. A wooden house in the woods

de homify

This is a real wooden house in the forest, located in the city of Bursa, Turkey.

The two-storey house is not only attractive due to the architecture, but because of the exquisite landscape that surrounds it.

Don't you love the rustic touch?

A homely interior

de homify

The living room of the house is decorated in a classic style, made almost entirely of wood, just like the exterior.

In addition, there is also a natural stone fireplace! This combination of raw materials makes for a very appealing design.

8. A very charming apartment

This last example is a small and charming apartment, which although small, is presented in a fantastic way. Once again the flowers and plants give a special touch to the property.

A modern living room

The small living room is tastefully decorated with functional furniture and a few decor items such as plants and pictures.

The raw brick wall adds a special touch to the modern decor.

If you've enjoyed this article, you'll love this small house with all the comforts for a family.

1. Asian style

This first example is a house built in line with oriental architecture. The roof is large and striking, while the facade makes the most of elements of wood. There is also a beautiful contrast between colours.

Vivienda Unifamiliar en Tomiño, Pontevedra (Spain) Casas de estilo rústico de HUGA ARQUITECTOS Rústico

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