3 wooden cabins you can't resist!

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There's something wonderful about wooden cabins, don't you agree? They always have such a warm and nostalgic feel that we find ourselves naturally drawn to them. The three we're going to show you today will be no exception! 

Designed by talented architects that really know how to get the best from any space, each one has distinctive and tempting qualities that we know you'll love. If you've been tempted by a wooden house build for some time, this might just be the final push to make you go through with it.

Take a look at what you could be enjoying!

1. Full of charm

We love the colour and tone of this wooden cabin home as it really stands out, in the best possible way.

With halved timber rounds making up the external walls and the classic chalet styling, you'd feel as though you were living in the Swiss Alps all year round!

1. Generous proportions

With an almost open-plan layout, the ground-floor has been perfectly designed to capture a cosy aesthetic, with a combined living and dining room area and, rather unusually, a twin bedroom. 

Nothing looks cramped or uncomfortable but rather feels like a perfect family home, with sociable areas taking the lion's share of the footprint.

1. Perfect for guests

Come on up to the first-floor and you see two more fabulous bedrooms, both of which have been designed with maximum comfort in mind. 

A large twin enjoys the benefits of a balcony, while to the rear of the house a generous master bedroom has everything you'd need. It's amazing to think that a family of six could be very comfortably housed here!

2. A paler shade

You'll soon see that the inside arrangement of this home is the same as the previous one, but the exterior styling is very different.

Finished in a lighter wood and with more eye-catching natural stone foundations, this is a chalet home most of us can only dream of! We also love the intricate fencing design that doubles as a balcony safety rail.

2. Still a great layout

As we said before, this layout really works, making a cosy family arrangement so easy to maintain. Can't you just imagine sitting in a space like this with the fire roaring? 

Though don't let seasonal nostalgia get in the way of recognising that this would be also be an amazing spot in summer!

2. Comfort is king

We might swap things around a bit and have the master double bedroom in the larger space with the balcony. 

You could essentially do whatever you liked with this first-floor, but we think that would be a great way to let parents get the best room.

3. The deluxe model

So we've taken things up a notch with the big daddy version of the two previous wooden cabin homes. 

Looking far larger than the others, this home design means business with an integrated porch and rich chocolate brown finish. The little alpine garden is a fabulous touch too, but let's see what the inside is like…

3. A luxury upgrade

Wow! The living room is almost twice the size of the two former cabins, boasting an impressive entrance hall, downstairs bathroom and slightly bigger kitchen. 

With a fully open-plan layout in and a fantastic fire, this is the ski-chalet dream home we all yearn for. There are even French doors out into the back garden!

3. Grand scale

Despite being bigger, this home actually accommodates less people but we assume that's so everyone has a far grander experience, which we aren't going to say no to. Housing three people, we love that the master now has an en suite and is a self-contained haven, while the twin bedroom offers plenty of breathing space for each resident.

We wouldn't fancy having to choose between these three amazing designs, would you? Perhaps a combination of all three would be best just so you don't miss out on anything you love!

For more wooden home inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 9 reasons you should choose a wooden modular home.

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