Kitchen "must haves" for 2017 (you'll know 'em first)

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Kitchen must haves for 2017 (you'll know 'em first)

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Who doesn't love getting ahead of the curve when it comes to home design trends? We're obsessed with being the first to know what's going to be cool next year so, in case you think the same way, we pulled together a comprehensive top 10 of kitchen trends that are going to explode in 2017.

If you get these in your mind now, you can speak to a kitchen planner and start preparing long before any of your friends or family know what's going to be the 'in thing', then blow them away with your fashionable foresight. 

We won't tell them where you got your info if you don't, so let's take a peek at the biggest kitchen fashions for next year!

1. Built-in everything

For an of-the-moment look, seek out a suite of built-in appliances that reflect your overall aesthetic. When appliances are slim, crisp, and unobtrusive, there's no need to try to hide them.

2. One of a kind tiles

Anyone can hot foot to a DIY shop and grab some plain tiles, but if you really want to make a splash(back!) in your kitchen, you need to commission something bespoke.

The hand-painted look is going to be huge!

3. Stone with character

Statuary Marble Worktop de Stone Age Minimalista
Stone Age

Statuary Marble Worktop

Stone Age

A steadfast trend in kitchens for a few years now, stone with a lot of character will be making a return next year, with veined marble being the top choice for dramatic and elegant worktops.

4. Bold use of natural wood

Balham Maple Kitchen designed and made by Tim Wood de Tim Wood Limited Moderno Madera maciza Multicolor
Tim Wood Limited

Balham Maple Kitchen designed and made by Tim Wood

Tim Wood Limited

Can you ever have too much natural wood? Not in a 2017 kitchen, if the trend predictions are right! Think bespoke cabinets and fabulous islands, all in a rich and natural material.

5. Smart appliances

Technology looks set to take things up a notch in the kitchen world next year, with smart appliances becoming the norm. 

Fridges that automatically adjust their temperature settings and remote-controlled cookers that you can programme with your phones are just two amazing developments.

6. Cosy settings

Perfect for family homes, kitchens with built-in snug areas are set to become super popular in 2017. We love the idea of a bench seating area where everyone can convene and socialise while the dinner is cooking!

7. Functional heirloom furniture

de HBstudio Clásico

If you have some fabulous vintage dressers, now's the time to relocate them to your kitchen as extra storage. They even look amazing in a contemporary space as they offer wonderful contrast to the stark modernity around them.

8. Outrageously cool range cookers

Chelsea Kitchen de Lewis Alderson Clásico
Lewis Alderson

Chelsea Kitchen

Lewis Alderson

Who doesn't love a range cooker? Nobody, in 2017! 

Large, chunky ranges with gorgeous spider-burners are no longer reserved for professional chefs, as they also look fantastic in residential properties.

9. Mixed metals

Modern Industrial Kitchen Cocinas de estilo industrial de homify Industrial Madera maciza Multicolor

Modern Industrial Kitchen


We've seen a lot of copper and rose gold this year and that trend looks set to continue long into 2017, but with other metals added in as contrast. 

Cast iron, aluminium and brushed steel are all perfect accompaniments.

10. Crisp layers

Adding some extra depth to your kitchen will be a great way to hone in on next year's trends, so think about wall decorations on top of pretty walls. 

Shelves, clocks and art are all fantastically simple ways to cash in!

For more kitchen inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 13 inspiring ways you can have an ultra-modern kitchen.

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