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​The beautiful wooden home with a surprise inside (you'll love it!)

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Thanks to state-of-the-art building techniques and the best-of-the-best renewable energy sources, German architectural firm Bau-Fritz has conjured up one of the most advanced eco-homes to date. 

However, before we jump into all the detailed information, we want to pause and focus on the superb minimalist-inspired architecture that ensures this house flaunts an exceptional look. Timber panels have been used to cover the entire exterior façade of the structure, with huge sheets of transparent glass added here and there to break the monotony. Yes, it was a bold move, but the end results are so worth it. 

And when it comes to the interior spaces, we are treated to plenty of strong design statements that definitely match the boldness portrayed outside. 

Get ready to discover a dynamic living space unlike any other…

A powerful vision

Even though the front entrance is rather narrow in form, it packs a powerful punch in terms of visual appeal. Just look at that natural composition of timber and rock, with slight touches of lush green added in, reminding us very much of an Oriental style home. 

The interplay between the altering pebbles and stone paving makes for a striking appearance that shows us these architects (and homeowners) undoubtedly understand the importance of a front entrance.

The open yard

And what lies on the other side of the structure? A sprawling lawn, which offers up so many opportunities for both adults and children to have a ball of a time. 

There's a sunny spot designated as a vegetable patch where plenty of ready-to-eat produce is grown all year round. Then we have lots of open spaces for the little ones to run around, or for the adults to lay down a few stylish loungers and bask in the afternoon sun. Speaking of which, what would a swimming pool look like here? 

Tall and gorgeous trees take care of the natural border surrounding the family’s property, completing this picture-perfect scene.

A higher standard

This stunning and nature-focused family home provides a marvellous gathering and living space for the modern family. Definitely of the minimalist style, the exterior façade expresses itself as a dynamic formation of timber and glass, which really tickles our interest as to what’s happening on the inside. 

Due to a natural material palette and sensitive built-form, this super house was created in such a way as to have minimal impact upon the site and neighbouring properties. 

Who says you can’t be sexy and smart?

A really clever build

That eye-catching timber perfectly adorns the terrace, making it look like such an ideal space to spend some time, either for socialising or relaxing. 

But now for the clever part: the façade walls have a thickness of 37 cm, which is an excellent insulation for the interior spaces. Adding further to this insulation is the smart choice of glass, which boasts the highest standard of insulation available for domestic builds.

A lake view

Surprise revealed: an incased, glass fireplace

Even from the inside, we can see that this house was created to focus on the lush natural landscape outside. Just get a load of that lake view! 

Natural light streams into the room from the giant windows placed on either side of the partisan, illuminating all interior spaces. Polished timber floorboards, looking so charming inviting, help to spread the light deeper into the house.

Environmentally friendly

From the inside, we can see the selected furniture and built-in elements that possess a certain cubic-like shape. Notice the ultra modern fireplace, as well as the sofa, window, floorboards, etc. 

But as we said, this house is brains and beauty. Overall, the entire technical design of the house achieved a reduction of 40 tonnes of CO2 compared to the average build, making for a quality contribution to a better environment!

Now this is a house that might just persuade anyone to jump on the living-green bandwagon! 

Let’s see how you can: Save money by improving your home energy efficiency.

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