20 incredible home exteriors to inspire you

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The exterior of your home is very important to give people the feeling of what will be on the interior. It is the first thing that people see and it is a deciding factor on whether or not your place seems welcoming. Of course many people don't really think that their entryways can say all that but it is a reality and one that is easy to remedy!

Below are twenty beautiful small houses with gorgeous exteriors to inspire you to create a welcoming and stunning entryway. From a country chic home to a very modern entrance, there is something on this list for everyone to twist and turn and make their own!

1. A play on shapes.

This entryway features many different geometric shapes to welcome people into this modern home. The front window is a grid along with the gray concrete cubic piece directly above it, giving the space dimension. This entryway also plays with a few materials such as concrete, stucco, slate tile, and wood, giving this geometric space a lot of character.

2. Southwestern meets modern.

Living in the southwest has it's perks, it's always warm and sunny and the homes usually have this cool hacienda vibe. Take that same style and incorporate it into your entryway by using the same burnt beige color and the vaulted beams you would see inside to create a unique and beautiful space. The one we see here is a great example and even makes the space look really modern while still maintaining those southwestern touches.

3. Simple and to the point.

FACHADA CASA BILBAO homify Casas de estilo minimalista Piedra Blanco



If you want a no fuss entrance to your home, why not build a simple overhang with distinct sides? This can be seen in this lovely home where the minimal entryway still makes a big statement. A simple gray concrete overhang accents the white building as well as the stone elements to the left of the door, making for a simple and elegant way to greet guests into the home.

4. A bold statement.

If you want to make a statement with your entryway, take a cue from this small home! The use of different colors, materials and dimensions is certainly a striking way to greet guests! The beige brick cube juts out from the main structure of the home while an inverted wooden C creates a small balcony and overhang above the door. The whole idea is very modern but also very unique, great for people who want to stand out!

5. Country chic.

A simple and quaint way of introducing people into your home is by following the country chic design. A simple coat of white paint for the whole facade of the home gives a pristine look to the home. Adding a door that is both a different color and a different material from the main exterior of the home allows the guests to be drawn to that area and makes it stand out against the rest of the home.

6. A gridlock of the good type.

Casa Habitación. Amézquita Córdova 810 Arquitectos Casas de estilo moderno
810 Arquitectos

Casa Habitación. Amézquita Córdova

810 Arquitectos

Normally when you think of gridlock you get stressed thinking of all the traffic you will have to endure. But why not take the term into the literal and create a lock for your home that looks like a grid? This home features a unique design for the garage door and entryway with a transparent grid pattern. This entryway pulls from the colors of the home and creates a beautiful way to greet your guests into the home, all while maintaining the same safety as a traditional garage door.

7. Long and lean.

Thinking way outside the box, you can choose an entryway that truly fits the unique design of your home. This long and lean mini home features a large piece that overhangs, creating a tiny patch of space to relax in. The entryway is located around the side but this home is every bit as unique as the homeowners and they don't let anything stop them from creating a one of a kind home.

8. A classic combo.

We have talked about this a few times on homify, but the combination of white and wood is a time tested classic and always looks great. So why not take this idea outside? The white concrete structure is accented by wooden frames and truly accents the large floor to ceiling windows that grace the home. The front door even matches the frames and creates a cohesive and beautiful exterior.

9. Let the wood speak.

Portal de piedra con puerta de madera RIBA MASSANELL S.L. Casas de estilo mediterráneo Piedra

Portal de piedra con puerta de madera


If you want to take the wooden element to the next level, let a rich and bold wood take center stage in your exterior. This home features a rich colored wood that can be seen in the door, the window frames and shutter, as well as the beamed overhangs around the house, truly making the element stand out. This is nicely complemented by other neutral tones and materials and gives the home a warm and welcoming feel.

10. Symmetry is key.

Fachada con iluminación nocturna modelo Chipiona Casas inHaus Casas inHAUS Casas de estilo moderno
Casas inHAUS

Fachada con iluminación nocturna modelo Chipiona Casas inHaus

Casas inHAUS

Sometimes the best, and easiest, way to create a gorgeous exterior is to simply make everything symmetrical. This allows the beauty to be repeated on your home while still maintaining and clean and sleek look, if that is what you are aiming for. This small home has three identical windows separated by two identical stone walls, and still makes this exterior look like a work of art.

11. Cubic and trendy.

Many modern homes follow a similar theme which is cubism. There are many blocks that are twisted and turned to create a beautiful home for the modern age. Use these blocks to create a bold exterior without needing to add a lot of other elements to the space. This home uses two large, white blocks that are both vertical and horizontal to create a beautiful home as well as an overhang for the door. No windows or garden necessary!

12. Plain and simple.

Fachada homify Casas de estilo moderno



Your home doesn't have to be extremely lavish to welcome guests in warm and loving manner. A simple coat of warm paint will greet them and accent the current structure of your home. This home features a simple block structure that creates an overhang to park the car and welcome guests into the home. The neutral color of beige is great for neighborhoods and also isn't hard to change if you decide on a different tone later on.

13. Stand out against the rest.

57ALI Reforma y ampliación de casa entre medianeras al Centro de Terrassa Vallribera Arquitectes Casas de estilo minimalista
Vallribera Arquitectes

57ALI Reforma y ampliación de casa entre medianeras al Centro de Terrassa

Vallribera Arquitectes

If you live in an attached house and can't do much about the exterior of your home, make it stand out against the rest with a simple coat of paint. This townhouse does an excellent job of using the color blue to stand out against the neutral tones of the neighboring townhouses. It isn't too striking that it stands out like a sore thumb, but is definitely unique in this neighborhood.

14. Make the windows your focal points.

Casa Nacarino-Pozo EPG-Arquitécnico Casas de estilo moderno

Casa Nacarino-Pozo


Windows are an integral part of making a house into a home. The more light that floods into your rooms, the cozier and more homey it feels. So why not take these ultra-important features and highlight them on the exterior of your home as well? This stone and white modern home uses the two windows that are on the street side and frames them with alternating materials. It not only gives the home dimension but adds a unique element to these super important features.

15. Black & white.

Vivienda en Villagarcía Nan Arquitectos Casas de estilo minimalista
Nan Arquitectos

Vivienda en Villagarcía

Nan Arquitectos

The color combination of black and white is not only a classic but is also a very elegant. Using this combination of colors for the exterior of your home is an easy and no fuss way of adding elegance without a lot of ornamentation. A simple black roof and window frames accents the white concrete structure of this small home, while the lighting softens the colors and welcomes guests.

16. Master the art of stone.

Stone is an incredible element to use for the exterior of your home. It adds an elegant and natural touch to your space, whether you are following a modern or a more traditional design scheme. You can find stones of all different shapes, sizes, textures, and colors to fit your home and the possibilities are virtually endless. This home uses a mix if stone and concrete to create this beautiful and modern structure.

17. Modern meets zen.

Many people tend to think that you need to choose one design style and stick to it. But it is possible to mix a couple of design styles and create a beautiful space. This super modern home, with its cubist design, adds a beautiful and green zen garden to offset the rigid lines of the home. The wooden door is flanked by a lot of lush, green plants, and the grass leading up to the doorway adds a colorful element to the white structure.

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18. Brick expressionism.

- homify Piscinas de estilo asiático

It is very rare these days to find homes that are fully made of brick. But this cheap material is a very good way of building a unique and structurally sound home. This all-brick home follows a modern architectural style but gives off a warm atmosphere because of the color of the material. Brick is on an upwards trend and now is the time to get creative and build a one of a kind brick home!

19. Passing with flying colors.

Arquitectura Casa Klee con pergolado Exterior MODULAR HOME Casas de estilo moderno

Arquitectura Casa Klee con pergolado Exterior


If you have the luxury of building your own home and don't have to succumb to the rules of a homeowner's association, go ahead and add bold colors to the exterior of your home! Unlike a complex, the home you built is all about you and your unique personality. This home features a beautiful burnt orange block in the middle of the structure which adds dimension and as well as a striking feature to this ranch style home.

20. Light up your space.

We always talk about how important lighting is for the rooms in your home, well the same goes for the exterior. Lights guide you and your guests to the front of the home and also highlight key elements. If your home is built near a street light, such as this one, use it to your advantage to highlight the upper part of the structure. Smaller spot lights are also great to highlight a path or to simply brighten up your house number so people can find your home.

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