Life hacking: 30 things you shouldn't have in your home if you're over 30

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Life hacking: 30 things you shouldn't have in your home if you're over 30

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When you grow up, your tastes change and become more mature. This goes for food, music, and activities but it also applies to your home as well. As a teenager you may have had tons of posters of your favorite bands. In college you may have had bean bag chairs  and eclectic furniture in the living room. When you hit your 20s you were trying to be more mature but probably ended up with the same brand furniture store that everyone had because it was the only thing you could afford. But now that you're in your 30s and more established in life it's time to change your decor just as you have changed throughout the years. Below are thirty things that you shouldn't have in your home if you're over thirty, so buckle in and prepare to get rid of some stuff!

Life hacking: 30 things you shouldn't have in your home if you're over 30

1. Diplomas and certificates are meant for the office not your everyday living decor.

2. Plastic chairs are a no-no, whether they're inside or outside. They look cheap and now you make more money to afford better furniture.

3. A messy kitchen makes you look like a teenager. Keep it neat and tidy.

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4. A patio that has nothing shows that you don't care. Add a bit of flair with some wooden furniture, no matter how small your space is.

5. If you have bare walls it looks like you just moved in. Add some flair with your decor and make your home feel like a home.

6. Everything in your kitchen should match – no mismatched dishes or silverware.

7. If you don't have any furniture, invest in some good quality furniture so your guests don't have to sit on the floor.

8. Now that you have your own place, good quality duvets and quilts are essential for your home.

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9. A bland and boring entryway doesn't welcome guests. Spruce up the space with plants, lights, or anything that gives it some flavor.

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10. Only young people are scared to have plants in their home, so get some greenery in your space to improve your style and the air quality!

11. Maintaining your home and keeping it looking fresh shows that you care about what your home looks like! Do away with dingy walls and cracks.

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12. If you have clutter in your home, get rid of it immediately. Not only does it make the space feel unclean but it also looks smaller.

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13. We always say lighting is key, so if your space is dark invest in some good quality lighting to show off your home.

14. Plastic cabinets are for people who can't take care of a kitchen. Invest in good quality wooden cabinets for a sophisticated look in your kitchen.

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15. If your flooring looks too plastic and outdated, replace it with hardwood or newer wooden tiles that look almost like the real thing!

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16. If traditional plants are too high maintenance for you, opt for easier to maintain plans like succulents and cacti. Don't leave dead plants around the home!

17. Eclectic furniture can look elegant but if your furniture is a mismatch of stuff that you've accumulated over the years then it's time for some new items!

18. A messy office is not one of an adult. Keep things organized and in their place for a sleek look!

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19. If your bedroom looks like it belongs to a teenager then it's time to update it for a more modern and sleek look.

20. Loose and hanging wires make a home feel messy and unorganized. Tuck these wires away to create a clean looking space.

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21. Unidentified stains are a way to deter guests and make your home feel dingy. Clean the up or replace with new flooring!

22. Exposed light bulbs make a home feel unfinished. Purchase new lighting or put a pendant or shade on these bulbs to give the room new life.

23. Sliding doors are a thing of the past! Take these out and create a modern floor plan for your home.

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24. Replace your boring backsplash with a sleek and modern one to create a grown-up kitchen.

25. Having an organized pantry and spice rack is a must for a grown up home, so you can easily find everything you need to make a great meal!

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Classic, yet Contemporary


26. Not having a TV stand is very reminiscent of the college years. Invest in a good TV stand, maybe even one to hold all the books!

26. Not having a TV stand is very reminiscent of the college years. Invest in a good TV stand, maybe even one to hold all the books!

27. Curtains should be a complement to the space, not stand out piece. Get rid of the bright and patterned fabric and opt for a nice solid color or with a subtle pattern. Or invest in another form of shade completely, like blinds.

28. Invest in good quality cookware that will last you for a long time. Get rid of the mismatched pots and pans given to you by friends and family.

29. An organized garage makes for a happy space. Garages can be used for many things so keep it free of clutter and don't use it as junk storage!

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Great customer testimonial from this happy Garageflex customer in Middlesex


30. Most of all, remember to put your own sense of style into your space to create a cozy and inviting home!

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