10 kitchen counters that'll make you think I want it!

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Nothing finishes off a stunning kitchen quite like a gorgeous worktop and, boy oh boy, have we found an amazing selection to show you today.

Once you've seen them, you'll be driving your kitchen planner insane by constantly changing your mind and wondering if you should think about a different style, but for now let's take a look and see what you like. 

Your preferences and needs are really all that matter in terms of finishing your own bespoke kitchen, so let us tempt you with some of these beautiful, innovative designs!

1. Dual height

This dual height worktop is fantastic as it serves as a usable food preparation surface, as well as a handy breakfast bar where casual dining can be enjoyed. 

What a great way to avoid having to swallow valuable space up with a separate dining table!

2. Rustic style

Simple, imperfect and full of character, the slimline wooden worktop here is the perfect accompaniment for the exposed brick surfaces. 

The overall feeling is one of nostalgic comfort, which we love.

3. Room dividing

In an open-plan room, a kitchen worktop can come in handy as a simple yet effective room divide that won't dissect the space too much or be overly heavy-handed. 

This one is so neutral it feels barely there.

4. Small and perfectly proportioned

Even worktops that have a dual function can be small. This one offers a valuable extra segment of surface for preparing food whilst also serving as a bistro style table.

5. Elegant and unusual

Finished in a material so wildly different to anything else in the space, this worktop shouldn't fit in but it does! Simple, rustic and able to blend in, it looks amazing.

6. Multifunctional and practical

This worktop is amazing for two reasons: firstly, it houses an integrated hob and second, it intersects with another section to create a visually breathtaking dining table!

7. Terrific with tiles

For a truly harmonious worktop, tiles are an option seriously worth considering.

Easy to clean, sleek and available in an endless number of variations, there will definitely be something that perfectly matches the rest of your room.

8. Wide wood

Cocina – Reforma París | Standal Standal Cocinas de estilo moderno

Cocina – Reforma París | Standal


A wraparound worktop is a good option for a sociable kitchen where people like to talk and convene around food. 

There is plenty of space for some chairs, as well as ample surface for things like completing homework, which is ideal for a family home.

9. Colourful and adaptable

Kitchen Past-IT (Hands Made Ideas) Simona Garufi Cocinas de estilo industrial
Simona Garufi

Kitchen Past-IT (Hands Made Ideas)

Simona Garufi

Would you have the courage to choose a super colourful, bright worktop? It's a big commitment but this one, with a sliding secondary section, is tempting us beyond belief!

10. Sleek and simple

Designed to simply blend in with the wider modern aesthetic, this pared back worktop is perfunctory and pretty. What more could any of us ask for?

For more kitchen inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: An outdated kitchen is transformed.

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