A small home perfect for a family, built for R500,000

Leigh Leigh
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At homify, we are big fans of Japanese architecture and design. It is simple, intentional and inevitably beautiful.

Which is why we are delighted to bring you this project today, where these design professionals have created a simple wooden home that merges country-style with a very modern and contemporary design.

This little home is going to charm the socks off of you today, showing how the little details go a very long way. We will also learn how beautiful wood can be as a material in both the inside and the outside of a home.

Let's take a look at this special family home and learn how we can bring a little bit of personality and charm to our own homes!

A simple one-storey design

From the entrance of the home, we can see just how simple the home is. It's a single-storey design, with a wrap-around wooden porch.

The entrance is incredibly charming, however. The little wooden steps and wooden porch contrast beautifully with the white facade. Visitors are lead by a stone path, up the little steps to a double wooden door, which is grand and charming.

Lighting also plays a huge role, illuminating the details and design of the facade – a great tip! Rather than opting for one big floodlight, the designers have invested in soft, little lights throughout. 

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A connection between the interior and exterior spaces

On this side of the home, we really get a sense of that stunning country-style look and feel.

Thanks to large glass windows and doors, the home opens up onto a beautiful garden. This allows the interior space to remain connected to the beautiful surrounds while allowing natural light and ventilation to flood the interiors. 

This is a very effective design as it always gives the impression that the home is much bigger, aesthetically opening it up onto the outdoor space. 

Large glass windows and doors are wonderful for the social areas in the house as they won't compromise on the privacy of some of the interior spaces, such as the bathroom or bedroom.

The terrace

The home opens up onto the gorgeous wooden terrace, which is simply breathtaking.

This space is covered and protected by a roof, allowing it to be used no matter what the weather is doing. Wood is also a great material for the flooring of an outdoor space as it is hardy and durable. It won't get damaged in the rain or intense sunshine!

Don't you love the warmth that the wood injects into the look and feel of the home as well as a charming rustic touch?

Here we really get a sense of how the living areas connect with the exterior spaces, creating a much larger home.

The stunning interiors

The interiors are simply breathtaking!

The designers have gone for an open plan design, ensuring that the dining room, kitchen and living room all spill into one another.

Furniture has been used to partially separate spaces – a great design tool. Remember that when you have a small home, you don't want to constrict space or take up any unnecessary square metres by installing walls. It will make the home seem that much more cramped and crowded.

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Minimalist design

In the living room, we can see that simple is certainly the keyword. The designers have opted for a very minimalist design, including only the most functional and the most necessary in this space.

In fact, all that exists is a simple yet very cosy-looking L-shaped sofa, a fireplace and a little pot plant, which injects a bit of natural beauty into the room.

Can you see how much floor space this frees up?

Often in South Africa, we think that we need to fill rooms with decor items and accessories, but this is a wonderful example of how minimalist style can be the most effective. 

Tip: Add a pot plant or vase of flowers to any room for an injection of natural beauty and decor.

Wood, wood everywhere

What is most striking about the interior design is the abundance of wood, which creates a very warm and earthy environment that is simply stunning. You immediately feel cocooned in this homely environment, the moment that you walk through the door.

The use of wood complements the very modern finishes and clean lines. The bookshelf is a wonderful example of this balance, which shows just how intentional and detailed design can be. 

Natural light also plays a big role! The designers have even installed skylights in the ceiling, ensuring that this space is filled with sunshine in the day. 

In the evening, soft lamps that drop down from the ceiling provide the home with ambiance and style.

The little kitchen

The kitchen in this home is warm and rustic, with all of the cabinets finished in the same light wood.

We can see that it is partially separated from the rest of the living space by a kitchen bar. This neatly contains the cooking space in one area of the home, without constricting the interactivity of the living area.

A kitchen bar like this also adds extra storage space to the kitchen, allowing items to be stored neatly out of sight. It also provides the area with an extra surface area for cooking or preparing food.

Do you see how the designers have played with the length of the space available to them, while also ensuring that the kitchen opens up onto the exterior?

Storage space

We've mentioned throughout this project how simple can be the most effective as well as how minimalist design is incredibly savvy. But how do we achieve a minimalist design?

We need to invest in smart storage spaces!

Drawers, cupboards and shelves all create the perfect spots for items to be stored neatly away. If every item in your home has its own spot where it is stored, you'll have a very simple interior space that never gets cluttered or crowded.

Also make sure that you do a clean out every six months, getting rid of anything that you don't use regularly. Keeping your home well-maintained and cared for also goes a very long way!

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