7 super creative ways to divide your environments

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7 super creative ways to divide your environments

Chloe Hines Chloe Hines
Crespià Comedores de estilo escandinavo de Dröm Living Escandinavo
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As we often like to explore the magic of studio apartments, here we meet ten adorable studio apartments .  The division of environments, especially ones that aren't that large, must be done carefully. It often occurs to us that having an integrated plan is the best option, yet we find that although the visual is always very nice, we do need a couple of boundaries because the environments seem to be mounted on top of each other or perhaps otherwise, are lost swimming in space. Ideally you can make these spaces balanced and harmonious by means of different materials and styles!

It is in these moments that creating a division that is not so definitive can make all the difference, leading to that balance we are looking for. Some of our solutions are also temporary, which for design and interior decoration is a great advantage because you never know when you'll be bored of an environment and need to change it! Temporary solutions should always be the first choice when faced with any problem or dilemma in home decor and we have a list full of advice to help you. Join us and walk through seven spaces that show very ingenious solutions to dividing rooms or spaces!

1. Divide environments with sliding doors

Crespià Comedores de estilo escandinavo de Dröm Living Escandinavo

This sliding barn door divides the dining room from the kitchen, making both spaces become completely separate environments. When the occasion demands, the rooms are integrated in the blink of an eye, with the aid of the door, which is also very decorative and harmonious with the rustic decor of the dining room.

2. Divide environments with a placard

A practical way to partially split a space is incorporating a closet. This solution has the dual benefit of providing more storage space, which always seems to be a concern. In this pleasant Scandinavian style, this wardrobe or cupboard hides the kitchen so that it is not as exposed to the view from the living room and at the same time does not affect ventilation and light to enter from outside.

3. Divide environemnts with indoor plants

This living room is divided by a wonderful glass-covered inner garden. Professionals  Vismaracorsi Architects did a brilliant job dividing environments, but you don't have to embark on such an expensive project. Just a natural wall made of plants and shrubs and the job is done – give the space an organic and natural air!

4. Divide environments with semi-transparent doors

This solution is ideal for studio or student apartments, as it creates a micro-bedroom that feels intimate and private by simply closing the doors.  It's a more modern (and adult) version of the four-poster beds and curtains.

5. Divide environments with a library

This library allows the division of this environment to remain uncut from communication with the other space, as certain areas are common and also the library comes well below the ceiling allowing plenty of great light to infiltrate the space. 

6. Divide environments with glass

APARTMENT “VERBI” Salones de estilo minimalista de Polygon arch&des Minimalista
Polygon arch&des


Polygon arch&des

How did this room take advantage of the limited space? They found a fantastic way to separate the bedroom from the living room by a glass wall. This being a very small studio with lots of natural light, for the night time you will need to close the window space to ensure the space is perfectly dark for a night's sleep.

7. Divide environments with furniture

This kitchen made a division between the area where the island, stove, refrigerator, oven and dining areas are connected. By using a piece of furniture that goes from floor to ceiling with shelves and cupboards, the designer has appropriately divided spaces and created more storage space. 

Dividing rooms is best for small homes where you might feel as though you're living on top of each other and clunking leisure and utility spaces all in one area! That's a problem we can help you fix here at homify. 

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