11 golden rules for covering the walls of your home

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11 golden rules for covering the walls of your home

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Whether you're looking to add some interesting texture to your internal or external walls, there are some fail safe rules you need to be aware of. 

If you're scratching your head and worrying you don't know what they are, have no fear, as we're going to give you the lowdown in this article.  Having taken advice from leading architects and interior designers (who deal with the issue of wall coverings every day) you can feel safe in the knowledge that we're giving you all the help you need.

Scroll down to find out if your walls need a little extra attention or not!

1. Any wood you use must be in good condition

If you're planning to use wood as an external wall covering, you must ensure the wood itself is in good condition and rot free. As an extra precaution, we recommend staining or treating the timber before you affix it to anything.

2. Don't overlook natural coverings.

Natural green living walls are a fantastic proposition for either internal or external spaces and need little ongoing maintenance. They work especially well in bathrooms that need some moisture control.

3. Avant-garde design is a great idea!

To make a real splash with your wall coverings (whatever material you opt for) remember that a funky design will never go amiss. Contemporary motifs are amazing and won't go out of style either.

4. Don't go too crazy with the material itself

Try to keep your wall coverings as natural as you can and they'll always look perfectly at home. By all means add fun patterns, but the materials themselves should be simple!

5. There are no material exceptions

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While we recommend you look to use natural materials as your wall coverings, there is a lot to be said for being adventurous. Don't feel you can't experiment or look to play with colour alongside recognisably suitable materials.

6. Don't forget to think about texture

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A little texture goes a long way and we can't help but shout about this pebble wall finish from the rooftop! What a way to make a bathroom feel chic, natural and elegant all in one hit.

7. Play with geometric shapes

Geometric designs are a hot trend right now and are perfect for adding a little character, especially to internal walls. Statement wallpaper can take care of this in a matter of hours!

8. Play with the lines

The defined lines and angles of your home make for wonderful boundaries, especially when experimenting with different finishes and styles. You can cleanly contrast textures very easily.

9. Don't add too much on top of a decorative finish

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A key rule is to not clutter a stunning wall finish by adding too much on top of it, so keep the art and pictures to a minimum. After all, why cover up all your hard work?

10. Look to create a natural balance

Whatever you do, always strive to achieve a natural balance with your wall covering materials. This will normally mean including some more organic features, such as natural wood, which add an element of warmth.

11. Think about dimensions and different levels

You don't want your wall covering to overshadow the stunning design of your home, so be sure you choose something proportional and understated enough to amplify but not drown out your architectural preferences. 

Coverings made from natural materials, such as stone cladding, manage this with ease.

For more wall inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 12 Ways To Decorate Your Walls With Stone (So They Look Spectacular!).

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