10 stunning examples that prove Shaker cabinets are making a comeback

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10 stunning examples that prove Shaker cabinets are making a comeback

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Open plan Shaker style classic modern kitchen with island and dining table Cocinas de estilo rústico de Schmidt Kitchens Barnet Rústico
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There's one word to describe the Shaker cabinet; timeless. The Shakers were a religious sect from the 18th century whose guiding principles of simplicity, utility, and honesty, led them to become renowned for their skills as craftsmen. Because they saw excessive ornamentation as prideful and deceitful they produced sturdy and practical furniture with visual interest expressed through innovative solutions such as asymmetrical drawer arrangements and multipurpose forms. With over 200 hundred years to develop Shaker furniture comes in lots of styles, and as forerunners to the now dominant minimalist movement it's no surprise that it's making a huge comeback in the world of interior decorating.

Today we're going to look at 10 examples of Shaker cabinets that prove that they work with any decor, whether it's classic and rustic, or contemporary and fresh. With their emphasis on function they are great for kitchens with unique layouts, but work equally well in big spacious modern kitchens. But enough talk, let's take a look!

1. Rustic but contemporary

Open plan Shaker style classic modern kitchen with island and dining table Cocinas de estilo rústico de Schmidt Kitchens Barnet Rústico Tablero DM
Schmidt Kitchens Barnet

Open plan Shaker style classic modern kitchen with island and dining table

Schmidt Kitchens Barnet

Our first Shaker cabinet is probably the best example of how a contemporary aesthetic can incorporate more traditional rustic elements. These cabinets are simple and classic, though they feature unconventional handles and are painted in a moody grey that works in perfect harmony with the stone wall.

2. Built to purpose

This kitchen is all about form, and making the most of a small space, and so Shaker cabinets are the perfect way to go. Defined by their recessed centre panel, they can be any shape and size, which makes them perfect for custom designs. The breakfast bar also features extra cabinets to ensure there is ample storage in this small but gorgeous cerulean kitchen.

3. Wood panels

Because of their emphasis on humility and simplicity Shaker cabinets are traditionally hardwood and unvarnished. These cabinets take us back to the classical Shaker style and prove that it never went out of fashion for a minute, after all the most elegant colours come from nature anyway.

4. Innovative solutions

Harbourside kitchen Cocinas de estilo rural de Tim Jasper Rural
Tim Jasper

Harbourside kitchen

Tim Jasper

These are the kinds of forward-thinking solutions that saw a focus on function over form result in visually interesting pieces despite a strict adherence to aesthetic simplicity. This corner draw is a great use of space, with the M-shape providing plenty of storage, and it also looks amazing. If you're working with a difficult floor plan in your kitchen get in touch with our homify experts for creative ideas like this one!

5. A cute cottage

This adorable kitchen harkens back to simpler times. The cabinets are still very traditional, opting for unpainted woodgrain, but it looks great against the bold red colour palette.

6. A miniature kitchen

In this highly practical space they only have room for a couple of cabinets, and because they are so unassuming Shaker cabinets are a great option. Perfect for tiny kitchens, these cabinets are painted green while the walls are natural hardwood, an inverse of the more common modern applications of Shaker cabinets.

7. Mixed styles

While we're not sure the Shakers would have approved of the lattice pattern featured above the plate rack, we're not quite so strict, and we think this is a fabulous example of blending styles. Featuring simple unadorned Shaker cabinets beneath the counter top, including smaller custom cabinets below the large sink, the upper cabinets are a little looser with the theme.

8. Perfect for a log cabin

This awesome log cabin has a utilitarian vibe that is perfectly matched by the cabinets. While paint was traditionally frowned upon, we think the charcoal colour looks fantastic in this setting, and really helps the woodgrain countertop to pop.

9. Brick and mortar

This kitchen is really going for that 19th century charm with a wood-fired oven. With the kitchen featuring a blend of materials, including brick details, the cabinets needed to be modest and restrained so as not to confuse the space, and so enter the humble Shaker cabinet!

10. Quaint yet spacious

Modern meets Edwardian. Cocinas de estilo clásico de Rencraft Clásico

Modern meets Edwardian.


This really is our dream kitchen, with plenty of space for food preparation, a huge amount of storage, and a breakfast island! The soft blue colour palette featuring powder blue for the cabinets, and a deeper teal for the island, lends itself perfectly to the quaint charms of the Shaker cabinet.

Some things are forever, and we think that Shaker furniture is the perfect example, so remember to consider them when it comes time to design your kitchen. For more fantastic kitchen ideas head this way!

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