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homify Casas de estilo rústico
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Prefab houses are the new vogue for many who seek a readily available dwelling on a limited budget. This example breathes new life into the concept, showcasing modern construction with a rustic edge. From the outset, the home intrigues with its traditional facade, stone trim, timber and roof tiles all employed to create a cosy dwelling of 67 square metres, exuding warmth and charm.

The interior impresses with its classic appeal, with white walls supporting flowing beams of dark brown wood, creating a beautifully versatile shell in which the occupants can express themselves. Multiple rooms make this abode great for a small family, while all the mod cons have been included for ease of living.

Take a tour below and tell us what you think!

Traditional roofing

homify Casas de estilo rústico

The roof of this delightful home employs a traditional style, with the architect opting for terracotta tiling to blend with the classic materials constructing the facade. The entire effect is a muted palette of browns, which appear earthy and attractive to passers-by.

Stone walls for a rustic feel

homify Casas de estilo rústico

The first thing you notice when viewing this cosy property is the appeal of its rustic facade, which blends stone and wood to create a sense of homely charm. The stone exudes a sense of strength and history, with timber details in the window shutters, doorway and porch beams providing a contrast of colour and material. 

Its simple design is also incredibly charming, with the symmetrical silhouette of the home's cottage style emanating a comforting welcome to visitors.

A small but inviting porch.

homify Casas de estilo rústico

The entrance is framed by a small but inviting porch, which adds a more modern construction material to the exterior aesthetic through the use of polished concrete. The concrete balances the rough texture of the home's walls, with its sheen subtly modernising the entire facade. The small shelter is quaint but effective, with just enough room for a few patio chairs or to shield visitors from the elements.

A serene interior

homify Salones rústicos de estilo rústico

The home's interior presents another muted palette of white and brown, with dark timber flowing overhead to construct a strong and rustic roof, while pale beams painted white line the walls. The pale interior is a clever choice, as it allows light to circulate and play within, bouncing about the rooms for a sense of visual expanse. Despite the rustic aesthetic of this design, we can see that a range of modern conveniences have been included, with lighting and air conditioning both taken care of.

Simplicity and a calm atmosphere

homify Dormitorios de estilo rústico

Moving through the home and we're met with a range of rooms, fit for a small family. Each space is similar in design, with white walls and timber doors and ceilings characterising the decor, providing a rustic shell that the family can decorate in their own, personal style. The best thing about this home is that it gets back to basics, with the designer creating a wonderfully cosy and charming abode, with a rustic edge, but all the modern features a young family could wish for.

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