How to renovate your home successfully: a step-by-step guide!

Leigh Leigh
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Want to change your floors or try to preserve the original ones? Need to replace the radiator? Or do you want to break down the dividing walls of the kitchen to create a more open plan space?

These are just some of the questions you may ask yourself when you decide to renovate your house. You may not know where to even begin!

Don't worry, today at homify we are going to inspire you with suggestions by our top experts and design professionals

Let us discover together some insights that may be useful when it comes to figuring out how to renovate our homes successfully.

1. The floor

The choice of flooring is a fundamental step when it comes to grappling with the renovation of a house.

If the original flooring is beautiful, it could be the most simplest and convenient solution to keep them as is, especially if it is an old building. 

Architects and interior designers are increasingly showing how important it is to appreciate the original floors of a home, restoring them to their former glory.

If you would like to replace them, however, then parquet flooring is a great option. Another option is porcelain stoneware, which gives the room a wooden effect. With it's good price and high quality, this flooring also works well for the bathroom because it is moisture resistant.

2. The heating

When you restructure your home or give it a revamp, we may take this opportunity to change the heating system in our home.

For example, we may choose to install underfloor heating. Or, if we are fortunate enough to have an antique fireplace, we could restore it.

Another option is to recover the old radiator, bringing a classic touch to the interior design.

3. The kitchen

A stand-alone kitchen or an open plan kitchen? A definitive answer to this question does not exist, because everything depends on your needs and priorities. If you really do not know, you could opt for something in-between, which is a big trend in recent years. 

As we can see in the image, if we use glass panels to separate our kitchen from the rest of the environment, we still have a slightly separated room where the smells and the noise can be confined, but the kitchen still interacts with the rest of the home.

4. The lighting

Lighting is essential to any setting, not only when you restructure the house. The general advice is to invest in more points of light, instead of just one, powerful one. You want to create ambiance in your home, while still having functional lighting.

5. Bathrooms

Bathrooms are often the most affected areas when it comes to a renovation. You may take this opportunity to create a second bathroom or create more space in the main bathroom.

In this project, the bathroom was redesigned so that the shower becomes more comfortable and spacious, without impacting on the space throughout the rest of the room. The sink and mirror have been placed right in the corner of the room, taking up little space.

6. The walls

Sometimes to give a breath of fresh air to a room, you need to repaint the walls. You can even add some colour and vibrancy!

7. The furnishing

Renovations are always very demanding, both in terms of the time that they take as well as how much they cost. For this reason, it's not always possible to create ad-hoc design solutions.

With a little bit of creativity, however, we can give life and charm to rooms without spending a fortune. The trick is to combine elements of the new and the modern with vintage pieces, keeping colours as the base rather than the materials themselves.

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