20 facade designs that are perfect for homes that aren't very large

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The facade of the home is the very first impression people get when they see your house, so it's important to make an impact! But how to go about doing that is the challenge. Sometimes we can feel restricted by the design of our home, or we assume that the facade is a given and there's nothing we can do to change it, but there's plenty of things you can do to make the exterior of your home look fabulous, ensuring that you stun every person that happens to walk past!

All of today's facades are contemporary examples, and whether it's unique colour contrasts, interesting materials, or modernist shapes, each has something a little special that sets it apart from the rest. Let these designs inspire you when planning your own home, or show them to your architect so that your favourite elements can be incorporated into the plans.

1. Maximum privacy

FACHADA CASA BILBAO homify Casas de estilo minimalista Piedra Blanco



Here we have an impervious facade, featuring no windows on the street front. It is compact and stylish, with the design broken up by fantastic stone features. The extended ceiling on the right hand side gives us an impression of the distinctive floor plan.

2. Truly contemporary

The first house we're going to look at has a very unique facade, made up of various textures and colours, but all dictated by function. The facade, featuring a wooden lattice gate and varied heights for the exterior walls, is visually interesting, while maintaining privacy for the home inside. The colour palette is cool and modern, and the pergola is a great touch.

3. A stone divider for the garage and entrance

We often talk about functionally dividing spaces in the interior of a home, but it can be just as effective outside. This stone wall, which separates the car park and also supports the pergola over the entrance way, is a great design touch.

4. A feature wall

Feature walls are another design element that we generally think of for interiors, but can be a great addition to the facade of your home. This brick garage provides a homely contrast to the exciting contemporary style of the house itself.

5. Charming white bricks

Charming is definitely the word for this simple facade. Featuring ornate window grates, an awning, and a cute white paint job, this home is classic all the way.

6. A combination of textures and colours

Casa Habitación. Amézquita Córdova 810 Arquitectos Casas de estilo moderno
810 Arquitectos

Casa Habitación. Amézquita Córdova

810 Arquitectos

Don't be afraid to combine a variety of ideas, whether they be a different colours, textures, or materials. Here we see a metal gate, brick features, and sleek surfaces painted bold colours, and the total package looks fantastic, perfectly complementing the contemporary shape of the structure.

7. Irregular shapes for a limited plot of land

We all love tiny houses, but this one is really special. With a shape custom designed for this tiny plot of land, this long and thin home has a simple facade dictated by necessity. That large front window looks great, and ensures there's plenty of light in the home.

8. Open to the zard

We think any house with a front yard like this one should follow its lead with the full wall windows. It looks wonderfully inviting from the outside, plus it makes for a beautiful view inside! We really love how they've used natural wood colours with the white to tie the colour palette to the natural surroundings.

9. Rustic style

Portal de piedra con puerta de madera RIBA MASSANELL S.L. Casas de estilo mediterráneo Piedra

Portal de piedra con puerta de madera


This rustic Mediterranean home has a timeless appeal that really works anywhere and anytime. Go back to the classics for inspiration and you'll never go wrong.

10. Simple geometry

Fachada con iluminación nocturna modelo Chipiona Casas inHaus Casas inHAUS Casas de estilo moderno
Casas inHAUS

Fachada con iluminación nocturna modelo Chipiona Casas inHaus

Casas inHAUS

This home is extremely simple and effective. With stone features adding a natural vibe, and placing this home firmly in it's surroundings, the rest of the design is all clean lines and squares.

11. Minimalism and distinction

This avant-garde design looks just stunning. The neutral lower floor creates the illusion that white upper floors are floating in space, and the bold shapes look really impressive.

12. A covered garage

Fachada homify Casas de estilo moderno



This is another facade defined by function, with  the upper floor extending forwards to create a large covered garage. Notice how the curving tower on the right plays against the straight lines of the rest of the home for an interesting effect.

13. Using pastels

57ALI Reforma y ampliación de casa entre medianeras al Centro de Terrassa Vallribera Arquitectes Casas de estilo minimalista
Vallribera Arquitectes

57ALI Reforma y ampliación de casa entre medianeras al Centro de Terrassa

Vallribera Arquitectes

Pastels always look great, they're bold but gentle, and this powder blue facade is no different. The textured paint, and recessed entranceway gives this classic apartment a modern appeal.

14. A study of asymmetry

Casa Nacarino-Pozo EPG-Arquitécnico Casas de estilo moderno

Casa Nacarino-Pozo


We love the geometric intrigue here, with offset windows and a contrast of textures. This looks more like a modernist artwork than a home facade!

15. Limited windows

Vivienda en Villagarcía Nan Arquitectos Casas de estilo minimalista
Nan Arquitectos

Vivienda en Villagarcía

Nan Arquitectos

Here's another home that takes privacy very seriously. With a long extended shape, you could run the risk of too much of your home being exposed to the street. Instead they have opted to place the windows on the other side of the home, leaving just a couple of functionally necessary openings on the facade.

16. Varied heights

Arquitectura Casa Klee con pergolado Exterior MODULAR HOME Casas de estilo moderno

Arquitectura Casa Klee con pergolado Exterior


This bright orange feature is dazzling. Providing extra shade, extending our perception of the size, and just generally looking fantastic, it's a great example of cutting-edge design.

17. Understated but innovative

This house experiments with depth to great effect. The simple white exterior has a sleek modern feel, while the recessed entranceway is made up of traditional stone and wood for a fantastic contrast of past and present.

18. A discrete facade

Another ultra-modern example, this facade is simultaneously simple and sophisticated. The use of neutrals makes the green of the lawn as much a part of the visual impact as the home itself.

19. The classic brick look

- homify Piscinas de estilo asiático

Brick is an old favourite and it's easy to see why. It's got an industrial edge, but it's also homely and comfortable. Plus brick comes in a variety of colours to suit your preference.

20. A concrete facade with personality

Concrete doesn't have to make for a dull home. This home has tons of personality, with its verge garden and warm lighting creating a welcoming aura despite the imposing size of the facade.

Now that we've got the creative juices flowing let's check out some more great smaller homes!

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