Small kitchens: 7 great ideas to optimize the space

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Feel claustrophobic in your small kitchen or worried about fitting essentials in a small kitchen? Lack of space simply means that you have to make very inch of available space work hard and smart.You may have to compromise on large kitchen appliances and work area but here are some functional ideas to accommodate everything and make the cook feel comfortable too. Sometimes a little imagination and creativity are enough to make our homes comfortable and spacious and a kitchen is no exception to that thought. A kitchen feeds the body and soul of the entire house and if the meals cooked here done with a happy and peaceful mind they will energize everyone.Come and explore these ideas with us to understand which ones would be most useful to your kitchen.

1. Neat and Compact

All of us know that more clothes can be fitted into a suitcase if folded properly instead of just stuffing them in. The same policy is applicable to space in the house or kitchen wherein one can fit in all essential home appliances required for cooking within the space of few meters.In this smartly designed kitchen we see how brightly colored surfaces mingle with soft toned background to create a cheerful cooking area and a breakfast zone that compliment each other. The wide window covering a large section of the kitchen wall increase the visual space of the region.

2. Merging spaces

Cocina en los Tuxtlas. arQing Cocinas de estilo moderno

Cocina en los Tuxtlas.


When space is a constraint across the house then both kitchen and dining area can be neatly merged like here with color co-ordinated surfaces and decor to achieve perfection.Instead of mighty appliances and cabinets, models that can be used in small spaces that work just as perfectly have been applied like single bowl sink and vintage cooking stoves that make cooking a pleasure.

3. A multi-functional kitchen bar

Shiny white kitchen with sparkling steel appliances here has made use of vertical space to accommodate all requirements. Tall cabinets work as pull-out pantry for non-essentials while smaller ones above cooktop are best for ingredients used on daily basis. Kitchen island here performs multiple functions as a cooking area and breakfast bar and also as a storage area with spacious shelves below the counter.

4. Don't forget the lighting !

Lighting is the best tool to enhance visual space in any room and make it look brigt and spacious. Combination of both artificial lighting and natural light here make the neutral toned cabinets and counter reflect light and amplify space. In a compact kitchen like this try to keep the counter clutter free and bring in glass containers that do not block vision. Tall kitchen cabinets above the counter that almost reach the ceiling can also help to visually expand the space.

5. Merging functions and spaces

In an open floor home where kitchen, living room and dining area are in the same hall with no visible barriers then a wide kitchen island like the one here can provide much needed privacy and breathing space. A kitchen island created with the help of an experienced kitchen planner can perform multiple functions like being a cooking area, a breakfast bar and also a storage section as seen here. The combination of slate colored counter and walls against deep purple cabinets islands are very practical because they enhance the aesthetics of this kitchen.

6. Adaptable L shaped shelves

Worried about your L shaped kitchen and how to find the right cabinets and shelves for it? This custom built kitchen with combination of open and closed cabinets that fit into space below the ceiling and around corners is best for this space.For corners the designers have fitted in slimfit pullout cabinets that can fit in vertically placed plates or cutlery. Instead of single large sink, combination of twin undermount sinks has been used to leave more workspace on the counter.

7. Quirky touches to make cooking fun

Besides using every inch of available space in the kitchen you can also make the region fun and cheerful with wall graffiti like the kind displayed here. Positive thoughts of the day, family pictures, memorable overseas holiday pictures, quirky recipes can encourage creativity within you. You can either have a whole wall or a small section with black surface like this to make the kitchen a relaxed place to spend quality time together with family.  

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