20 small house facades to see before changing yours

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Casa con estructura de madera SCS RIBA MASSANELL S.L. Casas de estilo mediterráneo Piedra
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The notion that small houses are dull or unfashionable is fast fading away! This is largely due to all the things that can now be done with a small facade, by employing a bit of creativity and smart planning. It's also important to remember that your facade is an expression of your personality, taste and love for stylish living. By bringing together various textures, colours and materials, your home can appear extremely appealing to any onlooker. So check out these 20 houses with interesting and chic facades, and gear up to give your own abode a sassy new look!

1. Elegant simplicity

This compact and spotless white facade combines neat brick finish with glass, white shingles and white metal to impress observers with its stylish simplicity. The tall and sleek wooden door is the only pop of colour here, besides the small potted greens.

2. Modern and subtly grand

With wooden beams and metal slats on one side and a long white wall on the other, this facade looks very contemporary and lavish. Accents lined with sandy-hued and white stones also make an appearance for textural interest, and to ensure privacy.

3. Discretion is primary

FACHADA CASA BILBAO homify Casas de estilo minimalista Piedra Blanco



The presence of only a sleek and warm wooden door makes this modern facade look very discrete. Though no other opening is visible, greyish stone accents and white walls add charm to the home.

4. Trendy garage division

A wall lined with grey stones, a large glass and metal window, and a sleek pergola above the entrance door make this fashionable home a sight for sore eyes. But what really steals the show is the dark grey and tall divider between the entrance and garage space.

5. Varied textures add value

Designed by the talented architects at Santiago Pardo Arquitecto, this residence combines different textures to make a stunning statement. The projecting volume on the ground floor is clad in beige-hued stone tiles, while the balcony on the upper storey fashionably incorporates dark wood. Large glass windows and balustrades join the medley of textures for chic appeal.

6. What a personality!

Casa Habitación. Amézquita Córdova 810 Arquitectos Casas de estilo moderno
810 Arquitectos

Casa Habitación. Amézquita Córdova

810 Arquitectos

Imposing lattice-like metal gates, stone cladding on the exterior walls and random splashes of bright orange infuse this elegant home with oodles of personality and character.

7. Narrow, high and incredible

This extremely sleek, double-storey home takes our breath away with its unique design and wood-and-white finishing. The projecting volume with a sloping roof adds pizzazz to the structure, while long and large windows ensure well-lit interiors.

8. Garden beckons

This house opens up to a verdant and well-maintained garden through large glass doors, making for a nature-friendly and cosy facade.

9. Rustic and elegant

Portal de piedra con puerta de madera RIBA MASSANELL S.L. Casas de estilo mediterráneo Piedra

Portal de piedra con puerta de madera


Pale buttery yellow walls, large windows with slatted shades, and an elegant wooden entrance surrounded by natural stone tiles contribute to the stylish rusticity of this facade. Solid wooden beams lining the eaves further enhance the earthy aura.

10. Symmetry and linearity

Fachada con iluminación nocturna modelo Chipiona Casas inHaus Casas inHAUS Casas de estilo moderno
Casas inHAUS

Fachada con iluminación nocturna modelo Chipiona Casas inHaus

Casas inHAUS

This simple yet enticing rectangular-shaped house impresses with its perfectly symmetrical distribution of materials and design elements. Sleek stone cladding on either side of the central door adds a subtle rustic touch to the contemporary structure.

11. Minimalism is the key

It’s slightly quirky as well as intriguing how the white and solid upper-storey blocks hang over the beige-hued ground floor of this simple house. The striped pattern of the Zen garden in front and the black metal of the fence add understated elegance to the property, too.

12. Focus on functionality

Fachada homify Casas de estilo moderno



The protruding volume of the upper storey of this abode cleverly protects the garage, while simple, geometrically precise doors and windows add a modern touch to the building. The gently curved wall on the right of the entrance door lends visual interest to the linear structure.

13. Tall and chic

57ALI Reforma y ampliación de casa entre medianeras al Centro de Terrassa Vallribera Arquitectes Casas de estilo minimalista
Vallribera Arquitectes

57ALI Reforma y ampliación de casa entre medianeras al Centro de Terrassa

Vallribera Arquitectes

The steel-grey house makes intelligent use of vertical space to accommodate two smart and functional floors. The ground floor, with a softly illuminated wooden entrance door on the left and steel garage door on the right, is definitely elegant. And the upper storey delights with a compact balcony and clear glass.

14. Creative detailing

Casa Nacarino-Pozo EPG-Arquitécnico Casas de estilo moderno

Casa Nacarino-Pozo


Pristine white and geometrically precise detailing pepper the grey stone cladding of this modish facade, for visual intrigue. The tall steel and wood door is extremely smart too.

15. Lack of windows

Vivienda en Villagarcía Nan Arquitectos Casas de estilo minimalista
Nan Arquitectos

Vivienda en Villagarcía

Nan Arquitectos

This elongated and stylishly white facade flaunts sleek dark lines for an interesting touch. But the icing on the incredible cake is the lack of proper windows, which doesn’t seem to hamper the soothing or bright aura of this abode.

16. A splash of colour

Arquitectura Casa Klee con pergolado Exterior MODULAR HOME Casas de estilo moderno

Arquitectura Casa Klee con pergolado Exterior


The refreshing rear facade of this residence gets a vibrant lease of life with the bold orange wall. It spices up the other white walls, large glass windows and cosy wooden accents as well.

17. Great combination

Soothing white volumes enclose a truly exciting entrance in this house. An inviting wooden door flanked by a dark grey stone wall on the right ensures textural intricacy, while large but sleek concrete steps lead you to the entrance.

18. Floating vision

The large upper block of this house, which overhangs the ground floor by a significant margin, gives the structure a floating look. A stylish wooden door and a neat array of greens complete the welcoming look here.

19. Say hello to bricks

- homify Piscinas de estilo asiático

Red bricks can take even a simple structure to the heights of design glory, as you can see here. Large glass windows and a glass-enclosed balcony ensure the feeling of openness, while the pretty L-shaped pool makes for a rejuvenating touch.

20. Concrete power

A small house can make a very powerful statement when rendered elegantly in concrete. This facade for instance, blends grey concrete with white walls, metal grilles and sleek glass windows for a discrete and very contemporary appearance.

So, pick a facade design which you think will give your home a whole new identity – and get started! Here’s another ideabook full of ideas: 9 modern cube-shaped homes you'll love.

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