20 small houses with brilliant facades to see before you change yours

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
Bermüller + Hauner Architekturwerkstatt Casas de estilo minimalista
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There are so many décor options and ideas available to make your small home look and feel cosy and welcoming. In this Ideabook, we look at 20 brilliant facades, each with their own gorgeous décor element that promise to make your home comfortable, a reflection of your personal style and character as well as an eye-catching sight from the street. We hope to show you that regardless of your taste and style, there is a home that is perfect for you and the needs of your family! These homes are an excellent design inspiration by some amazing architects!

1. Modern and imposing

The elongated exterior walls, as well as use of different colours adds a sense of grandeur to the small house, while the large wooden slats above the gate are a perfect touch of creativity.

2. Something discreet

FACHADA CASA BILBAO homify Casas de estilo minimalista Piedra Blanco



If you prefer a more discreet exterior, then the simplicity of this solid wooden door and entrance is the perfect choice.

3. Garage division

This home was designed with creativity in mind. The high ceilings and elegant pergola at the entrance as well as the garage and driveway, definitely makes this house a sight to see.

4. The textured

The exterior of this home has some amazing textures adding to its sensational style. The colour scheme is modern, while the small balcony adds a charming space to relax and admire the view of the neighbourhood.

5. Simplicity

This small and classic home with its all-white walls creates a comfortable living space that is charming too.

6. Strong personality

Casa Habitación. Amézquita Córdova 810 Arquitectos Casas de estilo moderno
810 Arquitectos

Casa Habitación. Amézquita Córdova

810 Arquitectos

The bright red element of this home décor, along with the lattice entrance creates a gorgeous modern home that is filled with personality.

7. The slim design

This modern house is compact and elegant, and despite its rather narrow width it is an incredibly creative choice.

8. Garden feature

A small home with a lovely open front yard is a welcoming and friendly space to receive guests.

9. Rustic

Portal de piedra con puerta de madera RIBA MASSANELL S.L. Casas de estilo mediterráneo Piedra

Portal de piedra con puerta de madera


This rustic looking home is elegant too. The use of wood has been incorporated to make the exterior even more gorgeous, just look at the main door, ceiling and even the windows.

10. Symmetry

Fachada con iluminación nocturna modelo Chipiona Casas inHaus Casas inHAUS Casas de estilo moderno
Casas inHAUS

Fachada con iluminación nocturna modelo Chipiona Casas inHaus

Casas inHAUS

The rectangular design of this façade allows the house to have a perfectly symmetrical distribution.

11. Minimalist

The small house has a rather interesting minimalist style. The upper cubes overlap the ground floor for a futuristic look.

12. Functional

Fachada homify Casas de estilo moderno



The top floor of this home creates an undercover garage for this house. It’s a simple use of space for a comfortable environment.

13. Length wise

57ALI Reforma y ampliación de casa entre medianeras al Centro de Terrassa Vallribera Arquitectes Casas de estilo minimalista
Vallribera Arquitectes

57ALI Reforma y ampliación de casa entre medianeras al Centro de Terrassa

Vallribera Arquitectes

The double storey unit sees the ground level used as a garage, while the top floor is a living space.

14. Creative detail

Casa Nacarino-Pozo EPG-Arquitécnico Casas de estilo moderno

Casa Nacarino-Pozo


This façade sees white and grey adding a simple splash of colour for a creative look. The high ceilings add to the gorgeous home design, making this house so much more attractive.

15. No windows

Vivienda en Villagarcía Nan Arquitectos Casas de estilo minimalista
Nan Arquitectos

Vivienda en Villagarcía

Nan Arquitectos

The rectangular design of this house is sleek and elegant, the contrast of cream and black adds to the fantasy, while the fact that there are no windows on the façade of the structure shows that this home is all about privacy.

16. Burst of colour

Arquitectura Casa Klee con pergolado Exterior MODULAR HOME Casas de estilo moderno

Arquitectura Casa Klee con pergolado Exterior


The orange coat added to this façade, along with the terrace and pergola makes this home a creative and eye-catching feature.

17. Volumes

The all-white walls of this beautiful structure is accentuated by the wooden accents incorporated into the façade design, it’s a gorgeous detail to a sensational home.

18. A floating look

The top cube design of this home is almost like a floating block, making this urban living space so modern and sophisticated.

19. That brick wall

- homify Piscinas de estilo asiático

A red brick exterior is a friendly choice for your modern façade, opt for some large windows and a beautiful blue swimming pool and the space will be unbelievable.

20. Concrete

We have come to the end of our Ideabook. But we need to have a look at the beauty of a concrete façade too. This is a great detail for a minimalist home or contemporary style. If you liked these small modern homes, then perhaps a prefab home might be an awesome choice too? Have a look at: Your own house in the blink of an eye—6 amazing, small prefabricated houses for inspiration.

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