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A 132m² home with great space-optimising solutions

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Setting out to build your dream house while on a low budget might seem like an impossibility, but as the house we will explore today illustrates, you can undertake such a project without breaking the bank. The first trick, as ever, is to find the right person to do the job. The right architect can customise a house to suit your needs while keeping in mind space and budget constraints. 

And so, on today's 360° project, we will explore a house that was designed by Atelier Potentiel, a Nantes-based architectural firm who have turned this 132sqm space into a unique structure that the owners can proudly call home. Join us, as we explore this one-storey home of unusual proportions. 

A facade that says it all

Our first glimpse of the facade reveals spaces that are defined by its sloping ceilings and different volumes that make for an interesting visual feature. The sloping roof serves the utilitarian function of allowing rainwater to run off. At first glance, it appears to be a cluster of separate but adjacent homes but in actuality, all the spaces are linked and seamlessly integrated, especially in the interiors. The house was built on one level primarily owing to the requests of the elderly owners who did not want to have to go up and down stairs. 

While the facade has been completed, the garden is yet to be landscaped, which will surely add an additional layer to the space. 

The entrance

The entrance of the house has a ceiling that is lower than the rest of the house marking it as a separate area. The structure on the left is the garage, which is walled off from the rest of the house. 

By designing high ceilings, the architects ensured that there would be ample ventilation throughout, cooling the interiors on hot days. High ceilings also lend a more open and spacious feel that can be complemented perfectly by the addition of large glass windows that let in natural light. 

A view from inside

Even minus the furniture, you can see how the interiors and exteriors seemingly transcend boundaries to create a flowing space.The outside is integrated with the interiors with the help of the French doors that also have the added benefit of allowing ventilation and letting in natural light. 

The colour scheme has been kept neutral and sober – white walls are given definition with the black window frames and the grey flooring. The addition of colour has been left for when the space will be furnished! If you're looking for a good interior designer to help you with your home decor, check out the experts here.

The house plan

A large central area meant as a communal space forms the axis of the house. The other rooms are essentially built around it. The private areas of the house consist of three bedrooms, each with an attached bathroom, and corresponding to well-defined spaces. To make the space more compact, the corridors and hallways have been kept to a minimum here, enough to serve its function.  

There is also a substantial-sized terrace out back where the owners can dine or entertain guests when the weather permits. 

A study of volumes

With this diagram that illustrates the different volumes of the house, you can see clearly how the common area that holds both the living and the dining room (in dark orange) has a higher ceiling, which will have the impact of making the space appear larger. The bedrooms and bathrooms are denoted by green and flank the central area.  The grey area shows you the garage as well as the laundry room, which along with the kitchen (in light orange) face the entrance. 

This house is a great example to show that neither a large construction site nor a big budget is imperative if you want to build a home that meets the requirements of your family. To see yet another example that proves this credo, check out The Japanese home you won't believe is possible.

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