Modest to Magnificent: Noteworthy Renovation of a Small Apartment

P2 Arquitetos Associados Comedores de estilo tropical
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This home refurbishment story is all about simple transforming into simply splendid. Salvador based architects P2 Arquitetos Associados gave this small apartment a facelift, and how! The messy, unappealing, cluttered & disorganized spaces became classy & elegant with a proper functionality.

Without further ado, let us go inside this apartment home and take a look at the magical makeover.

Before: A Garish Confusion for a Balcony

This balcony was in a chaotic state with no clear practicality. The unpleasantly loud shades on the walls, white floor tiles, randomly placed gym equipment and the wooden furniture created a space desperately in want of a proper definition with thoughtful arrangement.

After: Warmth of Hospitality

Post transformation, the balcony basks in the mellowness of wood. The floor panels, sliding glass doors, tasteful palette, simplistic decor and neatness of the furniture arrangement bathe the balcony in warm elegance to create an atmosphere of congeniality.

Before: Unfit Space Allocation

Stashed away in one corner of the messy balcony, this home gym was in a sorry state of affairs.  The equipment was cluttered in an inadequate space, creating an eyesore. The area was also crowded with home accessories. The color scheme added further to the bad kitschy appearance.

After: Prim & Proper

With a specific room created to house the gym equipment alongside serving as storage space, the functionality has been enhanced manifolds. Great organization is evident from the utilization of the vertical space for the bicycles. Smart use of the entire space perfectly separates it from the rest of the home, clearly defining the area dedicated to working out.  

The large glass window allows for a great deal of ventilation and natural light. The glossy wooden cladding on the wall lends a refreshingly earthy touch.

Before: The Cacophony of Chaos

This image shows the reign of absolute confusion and utter ambiguity. Lack of order has furthered the mess of random features & furniture distributed without sufficient space for any of it. 

After: The Fresh Feel of Neatness

Now, we can clearly make out the intended usage of this space. The choice of materials has been instrumental in immaculately redesigning the area. The ever graceful mix of wood & white spreads hearty warmth without restricting the entry of light.  Properly placing everything in designated locations tidies up the space, thereby making it look appealing.

Before: Living in Disharmony

Like the other spaces, the living quarters looks very crowded with a lot going on. The lounge, dining space as well as the area with the crib are cramped together, imparting a totally haphazard look. The decor looks forced and unsightly. The furniture leaves no space to move around the room.

The white tonality does nothing to improve the appearance of the room with congested interiors & lack of clear functionality.

After: In all its Glory

The radically transformed living room has become a visual treat. The floor & most of the furniture has been retained with a novel order and clutter elimination. The new color scheme and chic decor have completely transformed the living room into a beautiful bright space. The new carpet, on which the glass top dining table sits, provides a nice contrast with the newly polished floor tiles. The designer light adorning the low ceiling grabs eyeballs. Look at the lovely green seats at the corner!

After: Laid out for Pristine Lavishness

The fluid layout of the living room very clearly defines the lounging, dining & kitchen spaces. Well furnished in a refined manner, the well lit room looks very neatly done in prim sophistication. Savvy design along with the cohesive & contemporary neutral palette makes the room shine. What an elegant homogeneity!

Vibrant cushions add a perky touch to the sober toned room. The chosen art pieces employed as decor bring in a classy artistic feel. This is some renovation, isn't it?

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