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Designer de Interiores e Paisagista Iara Kílaris Salones de estilo moderno
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It isn't often that we find an interior which strikes a balance between nature and luxury.We are excited to bring you an interior design project today, all the way from the gated community of Campinas, Brazil. Not only does this house host aesthetically impressive rooms, but it also follows a general organic theme which is both sustainable and relaxing. 

This beautiful home with its unique and extraordinary interior is a project undertaken by the professionals, Iara Kilaris Interior and Landscape Design. This Latin company is well-known for their spectacular design projects, and they're based in Americana, São Paulo. 

Now, why don't you join us to explore a truly unique interior, vibrant with color and full of natural inspiration. You are surely in for a treat, and won't regret investigating what this house has to offer!

Curves and light

We begin our tour of this home's interior in the living room, which is adjacent to the dining room in an open-plan design. We can see this space is light and neutral, taking inspiration from the calmness of nature. The curves and fluid lines we can see here, also reminds us of organic structures we find in nature everyday. This type of bio-mimicry is a very successful interior design technique used here with great success. The whole space looks dynamic, yet serene – a balance that is both pleasing on the eye and on the temperament. 

The furnishing and decoration in this area is also balanced in the sense that it is simple, yet opulent, due to the richness of the materials employed. 

Warm textures

If we move out from the living room area where we found ourselves in the previous picture, we find an elegant entrance hall which is sure to leave a lasting impression on whoever enters this house. Not only is this space grandiose and sophisticated, but at the same time very warm and welcoming. 

Firstly, the textured wall at the back of the foyer space is in a warm hue that immediately softens the space. On the other hand, the texture of this area also creates a sense of depth and movement, implying a dynamic atmosphere – much like the ever-changing nature of any landscape. 

Intricate and flowing decorations also complement this area, but are kept to a minimum in relation to the grandeur of the textured wall, as to keep the focus on this piece. 

Personal touches

The mark of a true expert interior designer and decorator, is the ability to personalize spaces to the client's individual character and needs. We can definitely see that we have to do with such professionals in this case, as the designers went out of their way to create just the right space for each family member. As we will shortly see, the bedrooms was styled reflecting the personality and hobbies of each individual lodger, making it a space true to their character. 

In this image, we have the bedroom of the oldest in the family, who loves reading and is a true academic. For this to work, the designers added extensive shelf space to accommodate his books. The style of the room  is neutral and calm, with ample use of wood for the natural feeling. 

Martial arts kingdom

Next up we have the bedroom of the youngest, and we immediately get a sense of where his interests lie, with martial arts. The designers here used simple decor to symbolize this passion and inspire his passion even more. 

Besides these simple thematic additions, the furnishing and decoration in the room is kept to a minimal, giving  the designers room to grow and adjust to the ever changing taste of the lodgers.  

Luscious bathroom

On we go to the master bathroom of the house, which will be our last stop on this tour. This luxurious space is rich in its use of materials, as well as natural elements. A huge porcelain bathtub is nestled in a bed of white river stone, and the walls consist of marble and mirrors. Above all of this, we can see a skylight so you the inhabitants can bathe under the sun or stars, and a large TV to keep them entertained. It's a bathroom that has everything!

This organic house brings together nature and luxury in a beautiful manner, and provides us with yet another example of a serene home. 

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