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From run down to a cosy family home

Leigh Leigh
Agence ADI-HOME Salones de estilo ecléctico
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There is nothing better than seeing a beast transformed into a beauty with some love, care and attention.

This is exactly what we are going to witness today as we travel to Strasbourg in France, where design professionals Agence Adi-Home have taken an old-fashioned and very unattractive home and transformed it into a stylish beauty that would make anyone proud to live in.

As we explore the before and after photographs of this impressive renovation, you will also see how easy it is to make some small changes to your own home, which will leave it looking far more elegant and sophisticated than ever before. 

Let's take a look!

Before: Dark and depressing

In this image, we can see what a sad state of affairs this home was in. 

This kitchen area was run down and falling apart with no real organisation or functionality. The old-school wood and white walls do nothing to enhance the interior design.

There are also items everywhere, which creates a very chaotic looking space. 

The worst part, however, is the flamingo pink door that we can see at the front of the image. This is a no-no!

Before: A gross bathroom

This bathroom does not look very hygienic or clean. There are exposed pipes on the wall and very grubby looking tiles on the walls.

This space also lacks light, which is made worse by the dark tones used throughout this space. It feels like it would be creepy to spend any time in this room!

Have a look at these 10 cheap ways to have a hotel style bathroom to see what a bathroom should look like!

After: Light, spacious and bright

It's difficult to believe that this is the same home!

The designers have renovated the entire interior space, opting for soft, neutral tones that bring elegance and a modern twist to the small home. Considering the entire space is only 44 square metres, they really had to be innovative and creative to get the absolute most out of every inch. 

The soft colours, including the light wooden floors, white walls and grey furniture ensure that this space doesn't seem too crowded or dark. This is enhanced by the soft lights that have been included throughout the interior. 

The designers have also invested in smart storage solutions throughout the apartment, creating plenty of space for items to be stored neatly out of sight. This gives the apartment a bit of a minimalist touch.

The one wall has been painted a sky blue, which brings in some colour, warmth and personality. A great tip!

Multi-functional spaces

If we look at the home from this angle, we can see how the living room and dining room open up onto one another. The flow between the rooms makes it seem that much more spacious and expansive, yet the functions of each room are also very clearly defined. 

The dining room is quirky and savvy with a wooden table flanked by two red chairs. There is no need for an elaborate table and chairs in such a small space. Here we really see how function and style work together.

A trendy lamp hangs over the dining room table, providing this space with a soft glow while still allowing diners to see what they are eating. 

Lamps everywhere

In fact, if we look at this home a little bit more carefully, we can see how they have utilised lamps throughout. This ensures that the home never looks too dark or dingy, like it did in the previous design. 

While you may want to opt for overhead lights, these can sometimes be overpowering. In an open plan home, they can also end up lighting up the wrong rooms! Lamps, lanterns and even candles can form a softer and more romantic glow throughout the interior. 

The designers have also tried to make the most of the natural light available to them, opening up the windows to allow sunshine and fresh air to flow through the small apartment. 

The cosy bedroom

If we take a peek into the bedroom, we can see that it slightly separated from the rest of the home. It also only features the most necessary of items, making it seem big and welcoming.

The designers have opted for a predominantly white space that is brightened by a patterned lampshade that drops down from the ceiling. This is simple, yet effective!

This home proves that a lot can be done with a small space, with a little bit of attention to detail, love and care. The beast truly has been transformed!

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