Before and after: 5 inspiring hallway renovations

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Before and after: 5 inspiring hallway renovations

Roz ffrench Roz ffrench
de Мастерская Дизайна Moderno
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Although we don't particularly like to admit it, most of the time our hallways get forgotten and fall by the wayside when we think about remodelling, redecorating or generally improving the home. They can often become the darkest, oldest and most cluttered spaces of the house, but why should they? 

Hallways tend to be the first room in which to greet a guest, give them the first impression of your home. Let hallways be forever reinvented and take them to the top of your home improvement list!

Before: neglected entrance hall

There is nothing to this space. Ancient paint is crumbing off the bare brick walls and there is clutter galore. It was in desperate need of a complete remodel!

After: marvellous in monochrome

This project renders the hallway completely unrecognisable! The monochrome colour scheme makes it stand out and sets a fantastic first impression for the house. Shelves have been added to help alleviate the burden of clutter as well as a compact armchair and beautifully patterned floor tiles.

Before: just plain miserable

This hallway is the first thing you'd see as you stepped into the house, meaning your first sight of the interior would be, let's face it, a drab sight. The space was narrow and dark and felt cold and unwelcoming even to those who lived there.

After: bright and brand new

The designers for the brand new hallway have tuned into their skills and used the best tool there is to open up a space and make it feel larger: bright colours. In this instance, they have used smooth white neutrals to keep the light flowing through the room. It is a generally much nicer place to be, in contrast with it's predecessor. It even has storage – so no clutter!

Before: dull entranceway

This area is full of grey, pale grey and a slightly darker grey. It feels like walking into an old building that is in dire need of updating.

After: warm welome

Today, the hallway is completely rejuvenated! The grey has been maintained, but this time it is complimented by the white walls and the grey tiled flooring in a smooth modern way. Sliding doors are a great addition to the hallway as they provide easy movement through the room.

Before: mis-matched hallway

This room feels dingy and small, almost like a dollhouse, without enough light. A mixture of odd, dirty looking carpet and off colours makes you feel slightly uncomfortable – it really is a room simply to walk through to get to another.

After: stunning and in sync

Now, all of the colours have been reshuffled and the room feels in sync! Pale pinks and a subtly patterned wallpaper make the sleek white furniture stand out against the colours and give the hallway a slight vintage atmosphere to it!

Before: what hallway?

Fusion style flat de Alexander Krivov Clásico
Alexander Krivov

Fusion style flat

Alexander Krivov

This ruin is the following hallway's pre-beautified state. Cables hanging low from the ceiling, wooden slats stacked up, bare walls – not the most welcoming of entranceways…

After: sleek and stylish

Fusion style flat Pasillos, vestíbulos y escaleras de estilo moderno de Alexander Krivov Moderno Madera Acabado en madera
Alexander Krivov

Fusion style flat

Alexander Krivov

We can't even recognise this place. What happened to the loose hanging cables and the stack of wood?

One wall has become a complete storage area, providing plenty of space for clutter and the perfect hiding spot for mess. The wood has been transformed into the varnished doors and the polished floor, giving the room earthy tones and a calm, natural vibe. The lighting is enough to make it feel like there' space to breathe, too!

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