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DIY: How to build a barbecue in 8 easy steps!

Leigh Leigh
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You might be surprised at how easy it can actually be to build your own bbq!

The braai area is one of the favourite places of any South African family. You can find them there night or day, especially in the warm summer months!

This is why today at homify we are bringing you eight easy steps, which will show you how you can build your own braai area space.

Hopefully the below offers you all of the advice and tips that you need so that you can build a braai area with your very own hands. Take note!

1. Choose the right design

Choosing the right design is one of the basic premises of building a braai area. Do you want it to be opened or closed or large or small? 

The design will depend on the possibilities of the space available to you. 

In this image, we come across a design by Brazilian professionals Argolla & Martins Arquitetos Associados. The braai area opens up onto a gorgeous little courtyard, which is located in the corner of the property. This is a great tip if your land isn't too expansive. This way, you can really capitalize on every square inch available!

2. Measure the floor and study the foundation

Once you've decided on the location of your braai, you need to analyze your garden or property a bit more carefully. The second step is to study the soil and check the viability of building a braai area on this land. You'll need to figure out the physical and geological characteristics of the soil. 

The data that you gather will be very important for the type of foundation and structure that you construct.

3. What about the base?

Now that you have studied the soil, you are ready for the design. 

For starters, you need to figure out what type of floor you will use for the project. The options depend on the soil type, but you can choose from a concrete floor, which will give an industrial chic look and feel to the space, or stone cladding, wood or tile. It depends on the look that you are going for!

4. Structure!

The structure, just like the flooring, is very important. The possibilities, as we mentioned with the flooring, must be determined according to climactic factors or the terrain of the property. 

It also may be worth checking what the local building regulations are in your city as well as what materials will work well in the the South African climate. Concrete and steel are very durable options, but wood is also a wonderful option.

Have a look at these 10 great terrace flooring ideas for inspiration when it comes to flooring for your braai space.

5. Roofs… which is the best?

Once the structure and design has been determined, you will need to cover the braai area. You can have a closed or open braai area, depending on the style that you are looking for.

In this image, we can see how a pergola design brings an aesthetically pleasant look and feel to the space. The play on light and the gorgeous wooden structure is very attractive.

6. Materials

The materials used depend on the type of area that you want to build and, of course, the budget.

As we've mentioned before, wood is a wonderful material to go for and, as we can see in this image, offers a picturesque design. It also provides an earthy look and feel as well as some warmth to an area.

7. Windows and doors

Ventilation and access is essential to any project and the braai area is no exception. The windows and doors guarantee the entry of natural light and fresh air, while connecting the space to other rooms in the house.

Far from putting together a glass box, you can feature many windows and doors. This creates a wider, healthier and more appealing braai space.

8. Closed or open onto the garden?

In this Mediterranean design, we come back to the main point of this ideabook: the design of your braai area. 

Remember that a braai can spill out onto the garden openly or can be closed off from it. The second option is more intimate while the first option is a great strategy if you want to achieve a more dynamic space with a view onto the surrounding garden and environment. It also offers more mobility and connects the spaces more openly.

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