7 Drool-Worthy Country Houses and Their Interiors

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7 Drool-Worthy Country Houses and Their Interiors

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Casas de estilo rural de Carlos Eduardo de Lacerda Arquitetura e Planejamento Rural
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Life in the city proceeds at a bustling pace, and it is no surprise if the hectic routine of the daily grind is wearing you out bit by bit. Fed up of the concrete jungle packed with honking cars, you probably long for a breath of fresh, unpolluted air, for the scent of lush trees, fragrance of pretty flowers and the opportunity to sip your morning tea in the restful calm of the countryside. Wouldn’t it be fun if you could live in a country residence, or spend the summer holidays in a peaceful retreat, enjoying nature’s beauties! Here, we will take you on a visual tour of 7 charming countryside homes and their gorgeous interiors to inspire you. Get ready to greet a bevy of stunning designs, colours, textures and ideas.

Serenity below the blue skies

The first country home that we see is a sprawling cottage surrounded by beautiful trees and shrubs. The predominantly rustic style of the façade is contrasted with the elegant effect of the large windowpane running down the middle of the facade. This is a home that breathes serenity.

Trendy contemporary style inside

What a surprise! We could never guess that such a contemporary interior could lie within the rustic walls! The classic browns and creams of the décor are jazzed up by the pulsating pink of the snazzy modern hanging lights and the funky blue of the armchair. The dining table is a sophisticated wooden affair teamed with unexpectedly contemporary chairs. The kitchen is modern and functional with clean lines and sleek fittings, accompanied by a trendy hanging light and recessed lights on the ceiling. Connecting us with nature are the glass doors, which ensure influx of ample natural light and a splendid view!

A stylish rural abode

Reminiscent of a modern village home, this house has an entirely different rustic design.  It is spacious and patently rural with the plentiful use of logs and thatching for the façade. The latticework on the eaves looks very stylish and the earthy orange of the walls makes an impact amidst the lush green of the lawn and towering coconut trees. The decorative hammock bordered with lace lend a sophisticated touch, while the beautiful furniture dotting the large patio looks very comfortable and blends with the overtly nature-oriented, rustic appeal of the house. We can well imagine relaxing in this peaceful environment!

A rustic interior to match

The refrigerator and white walls are the only concessions to modernity in this delightful kitchen. The handcrafted wood and cane chairs, the charming hanging lights, the exquisitely rustic wood-and-stone kitchen island, and the various artefacts on walls and floating shelves create a fascinating pastoral ambiance.

The Mediterranean effect

This country lodge has a lovely curved façade evocative of Mediterranean architectural styles. The decorative roof is supported by pillars, creating a spacious and shaded open-plan porch that seamlessly integrates the house with the outdoors. Stone accents and earthy shades of brown complement the splashes of white on the facade, and contribute to the pretty picture that the villa creates against the greenery.

The warm interior

The outdoorsy look of the interior is the first thing to catch the eye. The sliding glass doors ensure plenty of natural light and, when open, will allow the invigorating country air to pass through the area. The arch over the fireplace wall is a beautiful touch, along with the delicately arched look of the ceiling. The striking stone mosaic of the fireplace wall and the unique wood-panelled ceiling complement each other and make a bold statement proclaiming the rusticity of the room.

Being one with nature

What a picturesque country home! The cluster of trees behind the house and the green lawns are the perfect setting for this expansive abode. The rustic stone walls in the garden, the narrow country path meandering towards the house and the simple fence on one side are so quaint and evocative of the countryside appeal! Despite their more modern look, the reclining white chairs and innovatively-designed little tables merge beautifully with their rustic surroundings, and yet stand out.

From days of yore

The pastoral charm of the exterior of the property has been captured perfectly inside. The large and rough stone slabs that form the floor have a distinctly earthy charm that combines flawlessly with the vintage furniture – the ambiance is emphatically reminiscent of old world design styles. The white ceiling is a modern touch that adds a unique dimension to the room.

A farmhouse with Victorian charm

The stone façade and boundary and the tiled roof of this lovely Victorian farmhouse not only look striking, but also give the house dollops of personality! Teamed with the manicured gardens and picture-perfect landscape, the house looks straight out of an English fairytale with its quaint little windows!

Stark minimalism inside

This is stylish minimalism at its best! The unusual shape of the walls and ceiling, and the artistically-built cupboards take the beauty of minimalism to another level altogether. We also note the very unique shape of the light on the ceiling! The stark whiteness of the walls and ceiling, contrasts boldly with the dark wooden floor, for a striking effect.

Bright and beautiful

Rendered by the architects from Carlos Eduardo Lacerda Architecture and Planning Ltd., this country house is a sure-shot winner for those who love bright, bold colours! The buttercup yellow of the façade steals the show against the verdant green of the lawn. The starkness of the yellow is relieved by the profusion of plants all around it, as well as the brown tiles and wooden support structure of the patio. The interestingly-shaped windowpane lining the left side of the facade adds a touch of elegance and exclusivity to the home. 

Connecting with nature

A closer look at the patio and has won us over completely. We visualize sitting on the rustic bench surrounded by the beautiful plants – the potted variety on the ground, the creepers, the hanging plants – what a wonderful way to commune with nature every day!

Thatched elegance

The last country residence on our list takes us back to the thatched dwellings that were synonymous with European villages for many centuries. The recent revival of the eco-friendly thatch as a symbol of style is beautifully exemplified in the dramatic and unique look of this red brick house.

A breathtaking interior

The interior is as dramatic as the façade and well-lit by natural light. What a splendidly innovative idea to team dazzling white with rough wood beams! Add to that the sleek modern furniture, the trendy fireplace, the faux animal rug and the old-fashioned cupboard – and we have a mind-blowing combination of the rustic and the futuristic!

These seven country houses are a fascinating medley of the many styles and designs that can be created by an expert architect. Ranging from classic rustic to stylish minimalistic to an unbelievably dramatic blend of rustic and futuristic – the choice is yours! Check out another home tour for more inspiration - Explore the suburban home with unique minimalist style.

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