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Coleccion Bebé de Cambrass DINDONBEBE Dormitorios infantiles
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Decorating your baby’s room is just one of the many joys of having a new arrival in the family. There are so many different ways you can go with children’s décor that in many ways this may be the room in which you have the most freedom. If you've spent years cultivating the rest of your house into a perfect minimalist palace, the nursery is the one place where you still have a great excuse to bust out some colour and variety. The conventional traps of infant decor – blue for a boy, pink for a girl – are easy to fall into but there are so many more creative options out there, so why limit yourself? In any case, many parents are increasingly moving towards gender-neutral decor and toys for reasons other than the world of interior design opportunities it opens up. If you’re amongst them, or if you simply want to do something a little bit more unique with your baby’s room, check out the rooms below. Their designers have created fun looks that would work for a girl or a boy – so you can start decorating before you even know which one is on the way.

​Back to basics

The simple appeal of wood never goes out of style, as the designer of this room clearly knows well. The prevalence of wood together with the grass-green accent shade used throughout the room lends a forest feel to the atmosphere. The inconsistent tones of the wood add to the pure, organic appearance of the design. The baby even has a matching wooden rocking horse to play on (now, isn’t that better than an iPad?). There’s no doubt about it: the baby who lives in this room will grow up to be very healthy indeed. Notice how the same curved form is carried throughout all of the furnishings, adding a real softness to otherwise somewhat unrefined pieces.

​Snow white

At the other end of the spectrum of decadence is this gorgeously indulgent all-white room. Its luxurious upholstery suggests comfort in its most complete form. Envy the baby who gets to drift off to sleep in that beautifully detailed crib to the soothing sounds of a lullaby. It’s hard to picture a more peaceful scene. The absence of any conventional indicator of gender, again, makes this a perfect room for either a boy or a girl.

​Fit for a king or queen

This is a very stately room indeed! Although pale blue is used, there isn’t necessarily a clear sense that this is a boy’s room, and it would be equally suitable for a girl .The huge window with its splendid drapes, the chandelier and the wrought iron crib with its regal four-poster design all combine to make this seem like a royal nursery. The crib itself is the stand-out piece, forgoing all the usual expectations of softness that come with infant decor in favour of an imposing, vintage-inspired form that makes the whole room work cohesively.

Simply soft

Colección Bebé Gris de Cambrass DINDONBEBE Dormitorios infantiles

Colección Bebé Gris de Cambrass


Here we see a return to the gentleness of traditional nursery design. Everything looks wonderfully comfortable and inviting, thanks to the combination of soft dove grey hues and understated gingham prints. Having an entirely coordinated room can be a difficult thing to achieve but if you’ve always like the idea of it, the nursery can be the easiest room in which it make it work thanks to the huge number of babies’ accessories available in matching patterns and shades, particularly pastel ones.

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