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Shabby to Chic: A stunning makeover story

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Beat Nievergelt GmbH Architekt Salones de estilo clásico
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The snow-capped peaks of Zurich is where we have lost ourselves today. The homes here mimic quaint chalets with a modern urban twist. And here we will witness the inspiring makeover of one such abode Umbau Reiheneinfamileinhaus Zürich, which used to be shamefully cluttered, ill-planned and boring. But thanks to the architects at Beat Nievergelt GMBH Architekt, this house is now a fashionable and neat place to live in. The introduction of simple and bright hues, chic furnishing, and incorporation of contemporary materials has achieved this transformation. Clever utilization of space is also another aspect of this project that you will appreciate as we begin to explore the makeover story.

​Before: Clutter and Chaos in the Kitchen

The kitchen seemed to follow a singular design scheme earlier – clutter and chaos! This space was in desperate need for a makeover that would make for more appetising quarters where one could actually function properly. The shabby and old-fashioned cabinets along with the dining table were crowding the space here, and the overall look was uninviting.

​After: Industrial Chic Environs

By knocking down the walls and introducing a more fluid, soothing scheme, the architects managed to create an expansive space using minimalist design principles. These elements enjoy the hues, textures and finishes that spell industrial chic. The gleaming chrome and white touches on the hardwood floor and the lack of walls lend an airy and breathable appeal to this area.

Before: A Dark and Dated Staircase

The heavy wood and over bright polish of the stairs made it a heavy addition in the home. The stairwell looked cramped, dark and unbecoming.

​After: Contemporary Twist

The style of the stairs was nudged into a gentle urban transition, thanks to the expert imagination of the architects. The sleek spiral now boasts of pale-hued wood that is free from frills like outlines and flourishes that can overwhelm the design of such a narrow space. The heavy wooden railing has been done away with in favour of slim wrought iron railings. The window in one corner now does a brilliant job of bringing in natural light, thanks to the white walls that reflect the light perfectly!

​Before: Busy Design in the Dining Room

There was too much pattern play in the dining room earlier, which was taking the sophistication away from the space. The patterns and colours also ended up clashing with each other while the heavy furniture seemed at odds with the entire look. Perhaps grandma liked the space, but we don't!

​After: Sleek Urban Dining Space

The dining room now has a slightly whimsical edge, thanks to the subtle play of colours with the vibrant dining chairs around the simple wooden table. Surrounded by white walls, this place now looks clean and stylishly minimalistic. The stairs are visible on one side while the neat kitchen island stands proudly behind, marking the space with a distinct urban quality.

​After: Brilliant Use of Space

The bathroom makes good use of this attic-like space with a triangular orientation. The heavy beam has been retained for a more traditional look, while the monochrome features offer a modern take.

​After: The Pretty Patio

The simple but charming patio adds to the beauty of the apartment, with its lush greenery and cheerful blossoms. Neat stone laden paths and a simple wooden bench let you admire nature’s beauty during your leisure hours.

This Swiss home went from drab to fab with the help of light hues, modern materials and finishes, contemporary designs, a clever layout, and space-friendly ideas. It is now free from clutter, spacious, extremely functional and visually appealing too. Take a look at another story for more inspiration - From Garage to Home: A Remarkable Remodelling in Barcelona

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