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Single-family house in Alicante, Spain (2010-2013)The house is located on a suburban area of Alicante, Spain, over an undulating slope that flows towards the Mediterranean Sea. The building is conceived as an extension of the surrounding topography, and therefore it undulates mimicking the soft windings of the land on which it is situated. Concrete walls and roofs bend and adapt to the slope, while as stone material, concrete draws a parallel with the rocky terrain on which the building stands. Casa Cabo comprises two undulating volumes displaced two meters from each other. Their undulating forms allow a continuous flow of the interior space. Each volume corresponds to different functions: the South facing volume allocates staying areas such as bedrooms, living rooms and terraces. The North facing volume, however, contains service areas and circulations. The first volume is open to the outside through important openings. The second is an opaque volume, self-contained and with small openings to the outside. The final volumes and spaces are the result of a negotiation among topography, climate, programme, and the city.

Construction: Urban, Proyectos e Interiorismo Photographs: David Frutos

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