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Monamour Natural Design – Design vertical gardens and indoor landscaping
Monamour Natural Design is a high-standard indoor landscaping studio, pioneering in realizing customer-tailored vertical gardens with naturally preserved plants.

All plants have undergone a delicate process that replaces vegetable sap with glycerine. The appearance and feel are completely natural with a further advantage, they will no longer need neither water nor light.

Monamour Natural Design has always had a keen interest in research and innovation; each project becomes a unique piece. “Green” is not only a mere decorative element but it’s turned into a multipurpose installation of wonderful vertical gardens that can be adapted to different and various functions, for the joy of our prospective customers.

Beyond its usual production, from its very early stages, Monamour Natural Design has developed and created unique works of art, small limited numbered collections between nature and art.

Thanks to the collaboration with the architect and artist Claudia Bonollo, Monamour Natural Design has designed an exclusive research brand that embodies natural elements and creates artistic objects with an almost endless array of combinations. These experimentations are meant to innovate the use of the “green” and its languages, exploring the limits of the materials in use.

“Monamour Natural Design products are nature itself, in all its
splendour, energy and vitality of inhabitable spaces. Edited by Denis Broduriès and designed by Claudia Bonollo, they offer a wide-array of artistic applications, made with moss, ferns and leaves, travelling across natural and primitive spaces…”

Marcelo Leslabay, contemporary design critic

Vertical gardens and interior landscape
Área geográfica
28004 Madrid